Brazilian Butt lift is affordable with payment options in Los Angeles, CA area

Affordable Brazilian butt lift in Los Angeles CA

The cost of a Brazilian butt lift can vary dramatically, sometimes by $8,000! Costs vary by:

  • The city where you have surgery
  • Technique used
  • Type of anesthesia and sedation
  • Cosmetic procedures performed in combination
  • Post-surgical medications, garments, follow-up

As a Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Dennis Dass provides the highest level of skill for excellent outcomes and less risk of complications. This skillset minimizes the risk of needing revisionary surgeries, which are often complex and add significantly to costs. Dr. Dass and his team know finances are a concern. For this reason. affordable Brazilian Butt lift in Los Angeles CA and the surrounding area can be yours, thanks to this Beverly Hills surgeon’s many flexible payment options.

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He offers convenient financing that stretches costs over many months or years, including:

  • CareCredit — For up to $25,000, with no prepayment penalties or money down
  • Lending USA – You don’t need perfect credit to qualify for everything from 6-month, no-interest medical financing to a 60-month fixed installment loan.

Our office qualifies to offer the Alphaeon credit card. This financing is only available through Board-certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists, because of the high regard the company holds for this mark of training, experience, and proficiency in given specialty areas.

Your costs may be reduced should you have certain conditions that make the procedure a “medical necessity,” rather than a cosmetic elective procedure. For example, insurance may pay for a portion of the procedure if excess tissue is responsible for skin problems.

It’s tough to put a price on the satisfaction you’ll feel when you look in the mirror or the confidence boost you get by boosting your curves. Call (855) 496-4646 to schedule a consultation.

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