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Beverly Hills patients ask, “Does Picosure laser tattoo removal hurt?”

Does Picosure laser tattoo removal hurt - Beverly Hills, CA Everyone has different reasons for getting a tattoo The decision is personal and the design is often sentimental However, sentiments and meanings can change With change comes tattoo regret Approximately 25% of people admit to regretting a tattoo Many turn to hiding the tattoo behind clothing or even makeup For patients in Beverly Hills, Dr Dennis Dass offers tattoo removal using the advanced Picosure laser Laser tattoo removal successfully removes unwanted tattoos with minimal side effects How laser tattoo removal works Tattoo ink goes deep into the skin It does not simply sit Continue reading

What are the cost and benefits of laser tattoo removal treatment in Beverly Hills, CA?

What are the cost and benefits of laser tattoo removal treatment in Beverly Hills, CA In Beverly Hills, CA, many patients faced with an unwanted tattoo may feel as though they have no choice other than to strategically cover the tattoo with another Fortunately, with today’s advanced technology, patients have options Dr Dennis Dass and his team work with patients to provide a solution known as laser tattoo removal This treatment has many benefits and is cost-effective for patients serious about removing the ink from their skin What is laser tattoo removal? Laser tattoo removal is the use of PicoSure, which breaks down Continue reading

Is tattoo removal successful near me in Beverly Hills?

Is tattoo removal successful in Beverly Hills While we think of tattoos as lasting forever, there is a way to have them removed With the help of Dr Dennis Dass, patients who are looking for a professional “near me” in the Beverly Hills, CA area who provides tattoo removal are welcome to book an appointment to learn more Tattoo removal with laser devices is one way to reduce or remove a tattoo from the skin – forever! What is laser tattoo removal? Dr Dennis Dass describes laser tattoo removal as a procedure to break down Continue reading

Cost and benefits of the laser tattoo removal procedure in Beverly Hills

cost-and-benefits-of-the-laser-tattoo-removal-procedure-beverly-hills Patients in and around Beverly Hills who want laser tattoo removal without scarring are welcome to contact Dr Dennis Dass, MD A board certified plastic surgeon, Dr Dass offers a wide range of cosmetic and medical solutions, but finds that many patients who contact him want to know about tattoo removal Tattoos are known to be permanent on the body, but thanks to continued advances in dermatological care and laser technology, patients can now remove these unwanted decorations from the body with just a few appointments at our practice Dr Dennis Continue reading

Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA patients enjoy effective laser tattoo removal

Effective laser tattoo removal in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills If you went from rejoicing to regretting your tattoo, you’ve come to the right place In a skilled specialist’s hands, advanced technologies remove body art that wouldn’t budge easily or sufficiently in the past Laser tattoo removal in the Los Angeles-Beverly Hills CA area is even more effective and efficient, because Dr Dennis Dass understands the device makes the difference PicoSure represents a type of technology known as “short-pulse lasers,” which release bursts of energy in trillionths of a second Why this matters Traditional Continue reading

PicoSure laser tattoo removal results achieved in Beverly Hills

Learn more about tattoo removal in Beverly Hills In time, some patients may regret the decision to put a permanent design on their body with a tattoo Beverly Hills area patients who have decided they no longer want a tattoo on their skin may want to consider the options available to them, including laser tattoo removal Learn more about tattoo removal in Beverly Hills In the past, tattoo removal with laser treatment used to take up to 20 or even 30 treatments to achieve desirable results It was harder for these lasers to break Continue reading

Beverly Hills area plastic surgeon offers effective laser tattoo removal

Beverly Hills area plastic surgeon offers effective laser tattoo removal The purpose of having a tattoo for many people is to display something they like or are proud of, or to have something inspirational for them on their body to remember every day The idea of a permanent design on the body may sound like a good idea at the time, but some men and women realize later that they may have made a poor decision They may not have realized that their tattoo cannot be visible for their profession, or that the tattoo may represent something (or someone) no longer in their lives However, don’t lose Continue reading

Plastic surgeon offers laser tattoo removal treatment with the PicoSure device

Plastic surgeon offers laser tattoo removal near Beverly Hills Thanks to continued advances in technology, lasers are used regularly in the medical field for a wide variety of conditions It can also be used in cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery as a way of removing unwanted tattoos At the practice of Dr Dennis Dass, MD in Beverly Hills, patients can enjoy laser treatment for tattoo removal Tattoos are permanent, but with the use of the PicoSure laser tattoo removal system, patients can now remove unwanted tattoos from the skin This treatment is readily available at the practice of Dr Dennis Continue reading

Can Beverly Hills area patients enjoy treatment for wrinkles with PicoSure laser facials?

Patients enjoy treatment for wrinkles with PicoSure laser facials near Beverly Hills Dr Dennis Dass of Beverly Hills is a plastic surgeon who offers a wide range of services to his patients to help them achieve a more attractive appearance While some patients are focused on the contours of their bodies, others want to address fine lines and wrinkles on the face Instead of undergoing invasive procedures for moderate fine lines and wrinkles, many patients consider the PicoSure laser facial The PicoSure laser facial is readily available at the practice of Dr Dennis Dass Our professionals know that laser services such as these Continue reading

Say goodbye to ink with tattoo removal by a board-certified doctor in Beverly Hills

Say goodbye to ink with tattoo removal near Beverly Hills A tattoo you once couldn’t wait to show off may now be the first thing you want to hide Gone are the days of tattoos as a source of permanent regret Gone, too, are the days of limiting lasers, which effectively removed only certain pigments at great cost, discomfort, and time to the patient When used by a qualified Tattoo Removal Doctor in Beverly Hills, PicoSure next-generation laser technology safely, comfortably, and efficiently eliminates or lightens tattoos A tattoo removal first PicoSure is characterized Continue reading

About Dr. Dennis Dass

About Dennis Dass, MD, PharmD

Dennis Dass, MD is a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, focusing on boosting the confidence of his Los Angeles, California patients with natural and beautiful results. He provides a range of surgical procedures for the body, laser skincare, and non-surgical procedures. As a Board-certified plastic surgeon, he performs hundreds of cosmetic procedures every year.

Dr. Dass earned his Medical Doctor degree from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in Albuquerque, NM and his Doctor of Pharmacy qualification from the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy. He underwent a six-year Integrated Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency at the University of Kansas. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, California Medical Association, and Los Angeles County Medical Society.

Dr. Dass has received numerous accolades including Top Plastic Surgeon designation from many reputed organizations. Connect with Dr. Dennis Dass on Linkedin.