Beverly Hills area surgeon offers some of the best breast augmentation options

Beverly Hills specialist discusses breast augmentation options

When it comes to augmenting the breasts, patients in the Beverly Hills area have a wide range of options available to them. There is no one hard fast rule for inserting breast implants, so it is important for patients who are considering breast augmentation options to speak to a Board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Dennis Dass to learn about the many decisions that need to be made about

  • Type
  • Placement
  • Access


There are two primary types of implants – saline and silicone. Both are available from Dr. Dennis Dass and he can consult with women to discuss which one may be more appropriate for their specific desires.


There are two different methods of placing breast implants. Subglandular augmentation places the implant in front of the pectoral muscles and behind the breast tissue that contains the milk ducts and glands. Submuscular augmentation places the implant behind the pectoral muscles and against the ribs. Again, Dr. Dennis Dass can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each to give patients the knowledge necessary to make an educated decision regarding the placement of their implants.

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There are three ways of accessing the breast tissue to place the implant. Dr. Dass can access the breast by making an incision around the nipple called a periareolar incision or underneath the breast in the fold, known as an inframammary incision. Other patients may even choose to have the implant placed through the underarm with a transaxillary incision. Most patients will have their implants placed with an inframammary incision, as this provides the most predictable results, though it can leave larger scarring underneath the breast tissue. These options are discussed for realistic expectations as Dr. Dass wants to ensure his patients are pleased with their results and understand the extent of scarring that may be left from this surgical procedure.

Patients in and around the Beverly Hills area considering breast augmentation are welcome to contact Beverly Hills plastic surgery professional, Dr. Dennis Dass, to learn about the options available for enhancing the breasts in a natural-looking manner with little scarring and predictable results.

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