Brazilian Butt Lift for Petite Asian Women

Dr. Dass describes Brazilian butt lift for petite Asian women

This procedure is great for women of all shapes and sizes. Petite women do not have an abundance of fat, but they are able to get a nice result because they also require a smaller total volume transfer. Petite Asian women not only have a small volume of fat available, but may also begin with a buttock that is deficient in projection and hips. These can be more challenging cases, however the end result is very beautiful, the patient appears even more slender, but with curves and pleasant proportions.

Brazilian Butt Lift Real Patient Video – Plastic Surgery for Butt

Brazilian Buttock augmentation
Brazilian Buttock augmentation in petite Asian woman with before and after images must see video by Dr. Dennis Dass

Brazilian Butt Lifts on Petite Woman – Beautiful BBL Results

Brazilian Butt Lift Results
Brazilian Butt Lift Results on petite Asian woman By Dr. Dennis Dass in Beverly Hills

Brazilian Butt Lift - Best BBL Beverly Hills
Brazilian Butt Lift Beverly Hills by Dr. Dass.

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