Brazilian butt lift near me in Beverly Hills: How does it work?

Women who are interested in better body contours have a lot of cosmetic procedures to choose from with Dr. Dennis Dass. Beverly Hills patients who are searching for a trained surgeon “near me” are welcome to book an appointment and discuss the advantages of treatments such as the Brazilian butt lift.

How does it work?

The special procedure doesn’t just target the buttocks area. It can address other areas where excess fat has developed. The procedure improves the contours of the buttocks with injections of fat. This fat comes from other areas of the body, including the flanks or thighs. By taking fat from this area and injecting it into the buttocks, patients can achieve a better hourglass figure. Fat is removed and collected through liposuction and then used to contour the rear area.

Who is a candidate for the Brazilian butt lift?

Reduce their waist and thighs and improve the appearance describe by Dr. Dass
Dr. Dennis Dass finds that any woman who wants to reduce their waist and thighs and improve the appearance of their buttocks may be interested in the Brazilian butt lift. These patients are encouraged to book a consultation appointment with our surgical team to discuss this procedure in further detail to determine if it will achieve the results patients desire. Our staff works with patients to help them understand each surgical procedure and discuss the cost and expectations. Once patients have determined that this treatment will achieve the results they are seeking, they can book their surgical appointment with our front office team and prepare for the procedure.
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What are the steps performed with the Brazilian butt lift?

  • First, the patient undergoes an initial consultation appointment to determine if they are a candidate for treatment.
  • Second, patients book their surgical appointment and follow all pre-operative instructions.
  • Third, patients have their procedure performed and leave with after-care instructions.
  • Fourth, patients return to the practice after a few days for a post-operative evaluation.
At any point if patients have concerns such as problems with healing, they are welcome to contact Dr. Dass to schedule an appointment for an evaluation to check for signs of infection .

What other procedures can be performed with a Brazilian butt lift?

Improve the appearance of their buttocks
Part of the appeal of a Brazilian butt lift is the ability to target several areas during one surgical procedure. This includes both liposuction and the fat injections themselves. However, patients are welcome to ask if other procedures such as breast augmentation may be performed simultaneously. Patients may be dealing with longer healing times and more discomfort following treatment, but they are able to address several parts of the body with just one scheduled surgery. For many patients with busy lifestyles, this may be a great solution to addressing the body and getting the dream contours they’ve always wanted!

What can I expect from my Brazilian butt lift?

Patients who undergo this procedure enjoy the benefits of a firmer, more noticeable buttocks area and thinner waist or thighs. This improves the “hourglass figure” many women strive to achieve with diet and exercise. Due to fat deposits on certain areas of the body, achieving this hourglass figure can be difficult without surgical intervention. Thankfully, with cosmetic surgery, patients can look and feel their best and enjoy shopping for a new wardrobe following their procedures. Cosmetic surgery can give patients the confidence and self-esteem to feel better about their body and no longer fear swimsuit season! Our team of professionals are proud to be part of this transformation.

Discuss the Brazilian butt lift with our Beverly Hills, CA area surgeon

Dr. Dennis Dass and his team welcome patients in and around the area of Beverly Hills, CA to take the time to discuss the benefits of body contouring procedures such as the Brazilian butt lift. The practice, located at 8929 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 240, is always accepting patients ready to make changes to the way they look. Enhancing the body is just a phone call away! Speak with our front office staff to book your consultation appointment by calling (855) 496-4646.
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