Beverly Hills area doctor describes the Brazilian butt lift procedure

Beverly Hills encourage patients to learn about all the procedures available to enhance body contours

Dr. Dennis Dass and the team at his practice in Beverly Hills encourage patients to learn about all the procedures available to enhance body contours. When patients are unhappy with the way their body looks due to excess fat around the midsection, they are often excited to find out that this fat can be removed and redistributed elsewhere on the body, including the buttocks area. This is done during the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

The Brazilian butt lift is a great way to obtain a better figure and to improve the fullness and roundness of the buttocks at the same time. This is done with fat transfer used to reduce fat on the flanks, back, and midsection while moving it to the buttocks area. Women are able to achieve a new look and enjoy better confidence when wearing bathing suits, skirts, and fitted dresses.

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Dr. Dennis Dass finds that most women are great candidates for this procedure. During the initial consultation, he will assess the problem areas as reported by the patient and then discuss the ways in which they can be addressed. When there is excess fat in the midsection and not enough in the area of the buttocks, this can be quickly remedied with the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Both areas are improved and patients can leave the doctor’s office with confidence!

If you reside in the Beverly Hills area or surrounding communities, contact our team of professionals today to book a consultation appointment with Dr. Dennis Dass and his team. We encourage patients to find out how plastic surgery and non-invasive solutions can be used to improve confidence and enhance the body in an affordable, effective manner. Our front office staff can work with patients in developing a payment plan to finance their procedure and make it more attainable on even tight budgets. We want our patients to be able to enjoy treatments that make them look and feel their absolute best!

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