Beverly Hills specialist discusses long-term cosmetic, health considerations for your breast surgery

Dr. Dass describes your breast surgery

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass and his team are here for you whenever you’re ready for cosmetic breast surgery in Beverly Hills. Before Dr. Dass enhances the shape, size, and overall appearance of your breasts, several considerations related to your suitability for procedures and long-term expectations are discussed.

Your changing breasts

It’s common for teenagers to have breast asymmetry. One breast can be a full cup size larger than the other. It’s generally advised to delay surgery until after breasts are fully developed, allowing the best outcome and lasting results.

It’s common for breast shape and other characteristics to evolve over time. Age-related changes can cause breasts to become noticeably saggy. In some respects, mammaplasty resets the clock, but it doesn’t stop it. Even after you undergo breast augmentation surgery, the look of your treated breasts can continue to change due to factors not limited to:

  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Weight loss

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It’s important to maintain a stable healthy weight, because the loss of overlying soft tissue coverage can lead to implant rippling, sagging, and an overall smaller appearance.

Life after breast augmentation, short- and long-term expectations

While the results of breast augmentation are immediate, it’s important to follow directions and keep follow-up appointments as advised by Dr. Dass. Just as every patient will be given instructions customized to their unique needs, the lasting effects of breast augmentation vary. Regular exams are required to assess breast health and implant condition. Additional procedures may be recommended to restore youthful contours. A breast lift reverses the effects of gravity, hormones, and other factors.

Keep in mind you also have a choice about the type of augmentation. You may select from saline, silicone and “gummy bear” implants. Fat may also be liposuctioned or transferred to breasts from other parts of your body. Call (855) 496-4646 to speak to Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Dass, about this and many other procedures available.

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