Lift your breasts and confidence with mastopexy procedures in Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills specialist discusses long-term breast surgery

As popular as breast implants are, there is a procedure outpacing them 2-to-1 in terms of the number of surgeries performed since 2000: the breast lift or mastopexy. Breast lift procedures (mastopexy) in Beverly Hills CA at Dennis Dass MD are unique to each patient but, depending on your needs, they may be combined with other types of breast enhancement such as implants. Dr. Dass will recommend what’s best for you after a consultation. Meanwhile, let’s introduce you to treatment that transforms your breasts and figure, and lifts your confidence.

Why mastopexy?

Formerly youthfully-shaped and firm breasts may become saggy and less voluminous over time due to pregnancy breastfeeding, age-related changes, or weight fluctuations. You may also have gravity and DNA to thank for droop. If you’re healthy with a stable weight, mastopexy may address a bothersome lack of fullness, and stretching causes nipples to point downward.

What is done?

While the many types of incisions and techniques depend on factors like breast size and shape, generally:

  • Medications are administered for your comfort.
  • Incisions are made in areas such as around the areola, and vertically down or horizontally across the breast crease.
  • Underlying tissues are lifted and reshaped.
  • Nipples and areolas are repositioned.
  • Excess skin may be removed from enlarged areolas, reducing them.
  • Excess skin is also removed from breasts to make up for lost elasticity.
  • Incisions are closed with sutures, adhesives, or surgical tape

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The resulting improved breast contours, firmness, and proportionality of the nipple to the rest of the breast is immediately seen. Lifts don’t result in significant size-related changes nor do they round out the upper portion of your breasts, but they may be combined with breast implants to achieve your desired look. Women with very large breasts may combine mastopexy with breast reduction surgery.

We can’t stop the clock; only reset it. But if your weight remains stable and you retain healthy habits, the results of your mastopexy hold up well. For more information, such as potential side effects and recovery, contact our office at (855) 496-4646.

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