Butt Augmentation Los Angeles: When are Gluteal Implants preferred over fat transfer?

Butt augmentation Los Angeles

Gluteal implants (butt implants) are used to augment and reshape the buttock. Women with smaller frames are typically good candidates for buttock implants because they do not have enough fat to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift, ie a fat transfer procedure to the buttock. Medium and larger framed patients typically like the fat transfer to the butt because they get the added benefit of liposuction to contour the waist. In large frames patients, the implant is typically not going to reshape the buttock, and is at risk of looking somewhat abnormal. The recovery from a buttock implant is sometimes quicker. Most patients are able to sit right away after buttock implant surgery because the implant sits higher than the buttock bone.

Gluteal implants are solid silicone. This differs from silicone breast implants, which are made of a cohesive gel. That means that the gluteal implants are firm, whereas the breast implants are soft. Solid gluteal implants are ideal because they cannot leak, or rupture, and are therefore very durable. The buttock will still feel natural, but toned like someone that exercises a lot.

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Butt implants are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. This allows the ability to customize the augmentation for each individual patient. For example, women with shorter height butts typically need round implants, while taller butts need more of an oval shaped implant. Once you are sized, the appropriate size and shape implant will be ordered specifically for you.

Certain clothes tend to fit better when the buttock is more shapely. Women state that their self-confidence is improved after surgery. Buttock augmentation (with implants) is a great option for petite women that are interested in having the curves that they have always wanted.

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