Beverly Hills area doctor offers buttock-sculpting procedure for body contouring

Contouring the body in the Beverly Hills

Contouring the body is a common goal for many patients in the Beverly Hills area who seek the advanced skills of Dr. Dennis Dass, MD. Dr. Dass is a plastic surgeon who offers a wide range of medical and cosmetic plastic surgeries to give patients the chance to feel confident in their own skin. From face to body, he has the experience to provide patients with results they desire. One of the procedures that he often recommends to patients who are interested in improving the contours of their buttocks is the buttock sculpting procedure known as the Brazilian Butt Lift.

This is a procedure often done to improve the contours of not only the buttocks but of the entire midsection from the thighs to the abdomen. This is because the procedure is done in a way that removes unwanted fat from the trouble spots, harvests it, and places it into the buttocks area to add lift and volume. The entire middle part of the body can be enhanced with this procedure, and many patients love the ability to make a dramatic change in the way they look—from all angles!

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Dr. Dennis Dass, MD will need to determine if patients are appropriate candidates for the procedure during a consultation appointment. This is the first step for patients to take if they are seriously considering the surgery. Patients can work with their doctor to discuss the areas of concern and learn about the previous procedures he has done and the results he has achieved. He has many before and after photos for patients to compare to get an idea of what can be accomplished with some of his cosmetic procedures.

Patients who are interested in finding out more regarding this buttock sculpting procedure are welcome to book an appointment with Dr. Dennis Dass, MD at his state-of-the-art practice and educate themselves further on the advantages of treatment. We recommend taking the time to ask questions and better understand the process of the procedure to determine if it is appropriate.

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