Cost and benefits of the laser tattoo removal procedure in Beverly Hills

Cost and benefits of the laser tattoo removal procedure in Beverly Hills

Patients in and around Beverly Hills who want laser tattoo removal without scarring are welcome to contact Dr. Dennis Dass, MD. A board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Dass offers a wide range of cosmetic and medical solutions, but finds that many patients who contact him want to know about tattoo removal.

Tattoos are known to be permanent on the body, but thanks to continued advances in dermatological care and laser technology, patients can now remove these unwanted decorations from the body with just a few appointments at our practice. Dr. Dennis Dass, MD discusses the procedure and the benefits of permanent laser tattoo removal.

The process

Before the procedure is performed, patients must consult with their plastic surgeon about whether or not laser tattoo removal is appropriate for them. Dr. Dennis Dass, MD finds that this treatment can be performed on patients of all ages and skin types because of the customized laser device used for removal. The PicoSure tattoo removal device can be adjusted according to the patient’s unique needs for safe and effective treatment.

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Laser treatments are done several weeks apart. The light breaks down the ink pigmentation in the skin. The body then absorbs pigment naturally. Once this occurs, the tattoo will appear lighter and eventually disappear as more appointments are made. Patients must understand laser tattoo removal is not just a one-time treatment, but rather a series that slowly dissolves the tattoo from the skin for optimum results.

The many benefits of laser tattoo removal

Patients not only remove what they once thought was permanent, but also do so in a way that is safe, efficient, and affordable. Dr. Dennis Dass, MD works with many patients in the area who have dealt with unwanted tattoos for many years and who are excited to learn that they can be removed with just a few treatments at a plastic surgeon’s office.

If you live in or around Beverly Hills and are interested in removing an unwanted tattoo from the skin, contact Dr. Dennis Dass, MD and his team to book a consultation appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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