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Dennis Dass, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills, CA

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Best Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Dass

Dr. Dennis Dass MD is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Beverly Hills California USA. He specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery of the body, breast, and face. Dr. Dass is now offering plastic surgery at the CosmoSurge Hospital in Dubai UAE.

Doctor Dennis Dass

Expert Plastic Surgeon brings his techniques to Dubai

Expert Plastic Surgeon brings his techniques to Dubai
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We prefer to do virtual evaluations. Please fill out an appointment request, fill out the medical history form in a detailed fashion, and email photos of yourself that are high-quality with good lighting so Dr. Dass can accurately evaluate your medical history and photos of your body, and offer a customized surgical treatment plan.

Dr. Dass created the TruCurveTM Brazilian Butt Lift to contour women of all body types. The procedure creates dramatically beautiful contours that are feminine and proportional. Through advanced techniques in liposuction, fat is removed from the midsection to create a small waist, the fat is then transferred to the buttock to create a rounder, more perky buttock. The fat is also transferred to the hips, to fill in the hip dips, and create a more hourglass figure. His goal is not to make the buttock appear large, but rather to contour the buttock, because it looks nice when it is the right shape. As stated above, the procedure uses your own fat, there are no foreign materials or implants. The results are natural appearing and the buttock feels soft. Women that are close to their ideal or goal weight will get the best Brazilian Butt Lift results, however Dr. Dass will adjust the procedure to optimize the results.

Dr. Dass specializes in Lipo 360, which is liposuction of the circumferential midsection, or 360 degrees around the body. Dr. Dass believes that it is important to perform circumferential liposuction (when possible) to contour the entire body as a whole, and make the contours look great from every angle.

Tummy Tuck procedures remove excess skin from the lower abdomen. This is typically needed after multiple pregnancies or significant weight loss. Tummy Tuck can be combined with Liposuction or TruCurveTM Brazilian Butt Lift, as part of a Mommy Makeover.

Breast Augmentation is preferentially performed with silicone breast implants for the most natural feeling result. Implants are used to make the breast fuller, rounder, and provide more volume to the upper portion of the breast.

Breast lift can be done along with a breast implant to treat a droopy or sagging breast, to restore a more youthful appearing breast. A Mastopexy (or breast lift) is used to make the diameter of the areola smaller and reposition the areola higher on the breast mound.

A Mommy Makeover is quite simply a combination of two or more of the above listed procedures to restore the pre-mommy body, or even enhance the body to a state that is even better than the pre-mommy body.

Ideal candidates for surgery are healthy and close to their goal body weight. Dr. Dass recommends eating healthy and exercising right up until surgery to get your body tuned up and ready for surgery. It is important to stop smoking/vape/hookah/shisha at least 1 month prior to surgery and for at least 2 months after surgery, so that your body can heal well. Depending on the procedure, most patients need about 1 week off from work for recovery. Surgical garments are often required for 6 weeks. Normal activity can be resumed after 6 weeks. It is important to follow the instructions and post-surgical plan to get the best results from your Plastic Surgeon in Dubai.

Surgical availability is filling quickly. So, please complete the virtual evaluation process to expedite the process, and secure your surgery date in Dubai.

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Dr. Dass interview about TruCurveTM Brazilian Butt Lift, Liposuction for petite patients, and Mommy Makeovers

Joining us is Beverly hills plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass, creator of the true curve Brazilian butt lift and body contouring technique. Dr. Dass is sharing his latest news on his true curve technique and the latest trends in body contouring with a natural look, so Dr. Dass thanks for being here – I can’t believe I am talking to the creator of the true curve Brazilian butt lift! Why is true curve innovative? What is this technique?

Well patients love this procedure because the results are dramatically beautiful. I created true curve Brazilian butt lift to create beautiful dramatic results that look feminine and proportional. Now the true curve Brazilian butt life uses advanced techniques in liposuction and fat transfer to contour the body and what I am doing is I am creating a really tiny waist, I can use the fat to fill in hip dips to create an hour glass shape and then also create a really perky bum, and that looks dramatically beautiful and that is why the patients are really seeking out this procedure and that is why it is so popular right now.

I think too and I notice this as I get older, and I don’t want to offend anybody out there – I am not that old but you know I am in my mid 30s and now if you are not able to spend your life in the gym, and you are not able to have this life that is really dedicated to fine tuning your physique it can be really hard to achieve that look that you want, is that the kind of patient that you are seeing? Somebody who leads a healthy life, they are doing everything that they can but they just can’t seem to get that perfect hour glass that they – that you know you might see somebody living at a gym.

You are absolutely right, now the perfect patients are clients for true curve Brazilian butt lift, are already healthy and they have got stubborn fat to on their mid-section that they just cannot get rid of, and this is a procedure for them – because I can remove that to create a very small waist and also utilize that fat to re-volumize the buttock and create a really perky more youthful buttock that look beautiful in clothes, I mean all of my patients after the procedure they come back and say – when I go shopping for a dress, I can pick any dress right off the shelf and it just fits right and it looks amazing. So yeah this is the procedure for those patients.

I was just talking about that in one of our shows the other day- I am just, I am in a better mood and I feel better when I am in an outfit that fits me properly and I look good, because when you look good you feel good and I do want to ask you about, petite women. Maybe they feel like maybe they don’t have enough fat to do the procedure, but is that true or not true?

Well I actually work on a lot of very petite and this procedure can work for them, and I can create very beautiful results, because a lot of petite women don’t even realize that they have enough fat for the procedure, and often times they do. Obviously this is on a case by case basis and they need an evaluation, but yeah I have created actually true curve petite – specifically for those patents, to creates beautiful results, but yeah obviously you need some fat to be able to do the procedure. Right and you know sometimes very petite women like my mother – she is like 5 ft. 1 she is like a tiny little lady, she just has – she has never had maybe the rear that somebody how has got a little bit bigger stature might have so I feel like this is a great option, also speaking of moms, I know that the mommy makeover is in hot demand right now. What is a mommy makeover?

So a mommy makeover is sort of a generalize term meaning that one uses multiple procedures to get back to their pre-mommy state. So often times it involves like a breast augmentation with implants breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction and now a lot of times, we are doing true curve Brazilian butt lift in addition to those procedures to really bring back that youthful look.

Yes because after you have a child, your body s typically never the same after that – so if you are not that far away from Fresno, you are not that big of a drive from the central valley, if people want maybe an evaluation do you do online evaluations or how can we visit you and talk to you about the Brazilian butt lift or any other procedure that somebody might want?

Right so I actually have a lot of patients from the central alley and Fresno and actually all over the country and the world that fly in for the procedure, and for anyone that is out of town and actually even people that are in town, we do online evaluations, the computer has made it so much easier to evaluate people and save us all time, so just visit me at my website at and there you can not only read about the procedure but also set up an online evaluation

Okay perfect! And that kind of takes some of the I don’t know this sterile-ness out of it – you know you are in your own home, you don’t have to go to a doctor’s office, they will eventually but I feel like that makes it super comfortable, and that is incredibly accommodating, okay Dr. Denis Dass thank you so much for Bing here today – can’t believe I got to talk to the creator of the true curve Brazilian butt lift! Thank you so much for being here today.