Rethink your perception of the facelift procedure with natural, well-tolerated techniques

Facelift procedure with natural, well-tolerated techniques

Today’s facelift procedure is unparalleled
in how well it is tolerated by patients and in how natural the results
look, thanks to advancements in techniques and technologies. Although
facelift procedures have evolved significantly, it’s no less important
to trust your health and appearance to a skilled and experienced surgeon
certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons: Dr. Dennis Dass.
Don’t trust your face to anything less than the best facelift surgeon in
Beverly Hills.

Off to a healthy start: Your consultation and facial analysis

All successful procedures start with assessing your
suitability for the treatment. Dennis Dass, M.D. offers many
minimally-invasive approaches to improve the appearance of wrinkles,
replenish sunken areas, and tighten lax skin. For example, those with
earlier signs of aging may be ready for the Precision Tx laser
“facelift” but not quite ready for a full “traditional” facelift.

Suitable candidates have very loose and heavy skin and are
also healthy and free of habits like smoking. Pre-existing medical
conditions and tobacco use impair the body’s natural healing abilities.
Have a positive but realistic outlook. While youthful features are
restored, it’s not designed to fundamentally change your looks. Time
marches on, even after surgical procedures reset the clock.

If Dr. Dass recommends a facelift to reach your goals, it will be performed at an accredited surgical facility where:

  • Anesthesia is administered for utmost comfort
  • Incisions are made to correspond with the type and degree of improvement
  • Tissues and muscles are sculpted and redistributed
  • Skin is re-draped over lifted contours
  • Excess tissue is removed
  • Incisions are closed

If volume loss is significant, Dr. Dass may harvest tissue
from the body, such as stubborn fat pockets around the middle, and
transfer it to achieve youthful facial fullness and contours. Once
healed, scars are well-concealed in the hairline and natural contours.
Call (855) 496-4646 to find out more about facelift surgery in Beverly
Hills, including risks and post-operative care.

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