What is the difference between a silicone breast implant and a gummy bear implant?

Silicone gel breast implant in Beverly Hills, Dennis Dass, MD

The gummy bear implant is a silicone breast implant that is used for breast augmentation. The implant got its name, because it resembles a gummy bear and feels similar to this candy. As such, it is more firm than a standard silicone gel breast implant. The gummy bear implant offers some benefits over standard silicone implants, including:

  • The silicone in this implant is highly cohesive, meaning
    that the bonds between the silicone polymers are stronger, creating
    more of a solid material and less of a liquid.
  • These breast implants can be cut in half, and the silicone remains within the implant shell.
  • So the safety profile of these implants is even better than a standard cohesive gel implant.
  • These implants are anatomically shaped like a breast or
    teardrop-shaped. This is beneficial for women who do not like the round
    look of standard implants, and want a more gentle upper pole slope to
    the breast.
  • Because the silicone gel is more cohesive, these implants are less likely to ripple.
  • The gummy bear implants are textured to prevent implant rotation or movement.

These implants also come in a large variety of sizes and shapes, to provide a more customized fit.

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Gummy bear implants achieve your goal look

Candidates for breast augmentation with a gummy bear implant must be at least 22 years of age. The implant can be used for primary breast augmentation and also for revision breast augmentation. Breast augmentation must be performed through an inframammary incision, to ensure proper positioning of the shaped implant. Since the silicone is highly cohesive, the incision is slightly longer than one used for a standard silicone implant, but is well hidden in the lower breast crease. The recovery is the same as a standard breast augmentation.

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