High profile breast implants Los Angeles

High profile breast implants Los Angeles Beverly Hills

Breast augmentation is a common procedure, and several different types and styles of implants are available for breast augmentation to provide a customized result. In fact, each implant manufacturer has between 100-200 different implants to choose from, so this can be a daunting task. Some patients come in asking for high profile silicone implants because that’s what their girlfriend has, but implant profile selection is based on a number of factors. This article will focus on implant profile.

High profile breast implants - high profile breast implants

Breast implants come in several different profiles. These include the low profile, moderate profile, and high profile implants. In general, a low profile breast implant has a larger diameter and appears flatter or more disk-like. Whereas, a high profile breast implant has a smaller diameter but gives more projection, and looks more round. This is an extremely confusing issue for patients. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about choosing the implant profile. The decision tree is quite complex and is based on a number of different factors. Your plastic surgeon will select the breast implant profile based on measurements of your chest and breast, preoperative breast shape, desired breast shape, and desired breast size. This is why your plastic surgeon will determine what profile is best suited for your body.

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The key thing that you will get to chose is the size of the breast implant. When you come in for your breast augmentation, you will try on a few different implant sizes in a sports bra until you find the size that is right for you. This will give you an idea of what your breasts will look like after augmentation. Measurements will be taken of your chest and breast to make sure that this size is appropriate for your body, and your plastic surgeon will help guide your decision. In general, petite women who desire relatively large breast implants will likely have a better result with high profile implants.

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