Los Angeles Breast Augmentation under the muscle: Should I get my breast implants under the muscle?

Breast implants can be placed either on top of the pectoralis muscle or under the muscle. The location of the implant is usually referred to as the “pocket” or “plane.” In the subglandular plane, the implants are placed under the breast tissue, but on top of the muscle. When implants are placed on top of the muscle, the breasts typically appear rounder at the top of the breast. This is because there is less tissue covering the implant, and you begin to see the shape of the implant. Often times, better cleavage can be achieved with this technique. The implants are perfectly placed and do not need to settle, or drop into place. This technique is used to create the illusion of a breast lift. The recovery is also very quick. The drawback is that you are more likely to see or feel the edges of the implants, which is more common in very petite women. In the submuscular or retromuscular plane, the implants are placed under the pectoralis major muscle. This is also referred to as the partial submuscular plane because the muscle only covers the top part of the implant, whereas there is no muscle covering the bottom and side of the implant, and in this region the breast tissue will cover the implant. Placing the implant under the muscle improves the coverage over an implant. Hence you are much less likely to see or feel the edges of the implant, particularly at the top or in the central cleavage region. The upper part of the breast is more likely to have a natural slope. Women are typically less likely to see rippling and the rates of capsular contracture are lower. The recovery is slightly longer. Initially, the implants will sit higher on the chest; it takes time for implants to settle when they are under the muscle.
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A combined technique was developed to maximize the benefits of each plane; this is called the “Dual plane” breast augmentation. The technique places the implant partially under the muscle and partially under the breast tissue. This is beneficial in women with a small amount of breast ptosis, or droopiness. You still get the benefit of a smooth contour at the upper part of the breast, but also get a small lift because the implant sits lower on the chest. To get the best results, it is important that you chose a breast augmentation surgeon that understands your desires and customizes your surgery. Dr. Dennis Dass is a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles specializing in breast augmentation, he performs hundreds of breast augmentations each year, and he individualizes the surgery for each patient. Make an appointment for your consultation today.
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