When might Beverly Hills area patients consider facelift surgery?

When might Beverly Hills area patients consider facelift surgery

Many people in the Beverly Hills area may
be dealing with sagging skin and skin laxity on the face that can
contribute to the development of fine lines and wrinkles often
associated with the signs of aging. Patients who are interested in
rejuvenating their appearance and addressing loose skin may have
considered facelift surgery. However, many are worried about the cost,
results, and the healing time necessary after treatment.

Dr. Dennis Dass is a board certified plastic surgeon
in the Beverly Hills area who can work with men and women interested in
learning more about surgery for lifting the face and addressing fine
lines and wrinkles that have appeared over time. A facelift, medically
known as a rhytidectomy,
is a procedure that is often reserved for more severe cases of skin
laxity. Patients may consider this procedure if they are dealing with:

  • Creases along the nose or below the lower eyelids
  • Sagging skin in the middle of the face
  • Fat that has fallen or disappeared and resulted in a hollowed appearance
  • Skin that has become loose around the lower face and creates jowls
  • Loose skin underneath the chin that can result in the appearance of a double chin
  • Excessive fine lines and wrinkles caused by increased skin laxity

Dr. Dennis Dass may speak to patients about procedures available
to them for addressing the unwanted signs of aging. Some patients with
mild cases of skin laxity may see improvement with less invasive
treatments such as collagen stimulators or dermal fillers,
which can add volume to specific areas with simple injections. However,
some patients are better suited for cosmetic plastic surgery to address
more severe signs of aging and skin laxity.

If you live in or around the Beverly Hills area and are
interested in attaining a more youthful appearance with plastic surgery,
contact Dr. Dennis Dass and his professional team to learn about ways
in which you can turn back the hands of time with cosmetic treatments
available through our state-of-the-art facility.

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