Should I gain weight before having a fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) surgery?

Gain weight prior to Brazilian butt lift surgery, discussed by Dr. Dass

A very common question that I get asked is whether one should gain weight prior to Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, in order to have enough fat to be a good candidate for surgery. The answer is NO. I never recommend that a patient gain weight prior to surgery. In fact, most people look better after losing weight, so I would never recommend gaining weight. Also, I want you to be as healthy as possible before surgery, and gaining weight does not accomplish that. When you gain weight, you often put on weight (and fat) on the inside, and this fat is not accessible by liposuction and hence not available for transfer. Gaining weight nearly always makes your waist larger, which is the opposite of what a Brazilian Butt Lift is trying to accomplish. Good candidates for surgery are at a healthy and stable weight, this also ensures more predictable results.

Dr. Dennis Dass explains Brazillian Butt Lift
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Even patients with a small amount of fat can be good candidates for surgery, because the surgery will reshape the midsection and buttock, change your proportions, and create a more pleasing contour. In fact, smaller women, need less fat to create a change in the overall silhouette. If you wish to have a larger buttock after you have fully healed from your surgery, then weight gain will often make the buttock larger, but you may still put on weight on the inside, thereby making the waist larger. So, if you desire to gain weight after surgery, that is okay, however, don’t gain too much weight, and definitely don’t gain weight prior to surgery. A very small percentage of women lack an adequate amount of fat to transfer to the buttock, in these situations, a buttock implant will create the best shape.

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