Find quality tummy tuck surgeons in the Los Angeles area

Find quality tummy tuck surgeons in the Los Angeles area

Patients in and around Beverly Hills who want to find tummy tuck surgeons dedicated to helping them look and feel their absolute best are welcome to book an appointment with Dr. Dennis Dass, MD., a Los Angeles area board certified plastic surgeon. His experience and dedication provides men and women body contouring and enhancement procedures that improve appearance and self-confidence.

Men and women who are unhappy with their abdominal area may book an appointment with this practice to learn about a tummy tuck. This procedure, also called an abdominoplasty, is a surgical treatment to eliminate excess skin and fat in the stomach area. In some cases, it is done to restore weak muscles or repair separated muscles to enhance the contour and side profile of the body.

Achieving a flat stomach is what many men and women strive for. While diet and exercise can improve the area, there are times when excess skin and unwanted fat cause sagging. The tummy tuck is a wonderful way of addressing this issue and it can be used when patients have experienced significant weight fluctuation or pregnancy. Other reasons for having the procedure done may include:

  • Prior surgery
  • Hereditary imperfections
  • Normal age-related changes

Those looking for abdominoplasty in Los Angeles should never view it as a way of losing weight, but instead as a body contouring option for men and women.

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The tummy tuck procedure is just like any other surgical procedure and requires general anesthesia. It carries some risks, but these risks may be reduced with proper aftercare. Patients should closely follow all recommendations post-surgery to reduce their chances of infection and ensure their procedure provides the expected results. Men and women are urged to live a healthy lifestyle following their treatment to maintain their new body contours.

If you reside in or around the areas of Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, California and want to work with a board certified plastic surgeon, contact Dr. Dennis Dass, MD today to make an appointment. His number is (855) 496-4646

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