Beverly Hills area patients ask, what is blepharoplasty eyelid surgery?

Dr. Dass describes what is blepharoplasty surgery

When the eyes look tired and patients
notice drooping or bagginess around the eye area, they may benefit from
plastic surgery. Dr. Dennis Dass, MD of the Beverly Hills area
encourages those who are unhappy with the appearance of their eyelids to
consider blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery that can be done for overall enhancement. It may be done in conjunction with a brow lift surgery or a facelift, depending on the specific needs of the patient. There are two types of blepharoplasty – upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Upper blepharoplasty is also known as upper eyelid surgery. This procedure removes excess skin that may develop on the upper eyelid and cause patients to look tired. During this procedure, Dr. Dennis Dass, MD will create an incision and remove excess skin. This is done in an area of the eyelid that is inconspicuous. This procedure is done to open up the eyes and make patients look more alert.

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Lower Blepharoplasty

Lower blepharoplasty is also known as lower eyelid surgery. During this procedure, Dr. Dennis Dass, MD will remove any excess skin and fat that may accumulate on the lower eyelid and underneath the eyes, resulting in bags. This is done to rejuvenate the eye area and can be performed in conjunction with an upper blepharoplasty.

Both upper and lower blepharoplasty may be completed under either local or general anesthetics, and some patients combine these procedures with others to reduce the cost and facilitate healing from all surgeries at the same time, greatly reducing the time needed off of work and other activities. A consultation appointment is the perfect time to discuss the advantages of having several procedures done at once for overall enhancement.

Dr. Dennis Dass, MD can consult with patients interested in eyelid surgery and discuss the options available to help them look more attractive, more youthful, and better rested. He is a board certified plastic surgeon in the Beverly Hills area who believes patients should have access to procedures that make them look and feel their absolute best. Contact his practice today to book an appointment and discuss the many possibilities available for enhancing the natural appearance and enjoying a more attractive look.

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