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Breast Enhancement Beverly Hills

Breast enhancement surgery is performed to help improve the overall appearance of your breasts.

Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are used to enlarge the size of the breasts. Breast augmentation is the most common aesthetic surgical procedure performed by plastic surgeons. Most women love the way they look after surgery and say that the surgery really improves their self-esteem. The satisfaction rate from breast augmentation is very high, more than 90% of women are happy they had the surgery and would have it again.

Breast Lift or Mastopexy

After pregnancy or weight loss, the breasts may appear deflated. The breast skin is stretched and now the nipple is in a less desirable position. A breast lift is designed to reposition the breast tissue and the nipple back to a more youthful position. If a significant amount of volume has been lost, an implant may be required to get the desired look.

Revision Breast Augmentation

This surgery is performed for patients who have previously undergone breast augmentation but are not happy with the results due to implant related complications. Complications that can be corrected include; implant replacement, implant rupture, malposition, asymmetry, symmastia, and ptosis. This surgery can be quite complex depending on your specific problem. The surgery often takes longer and may require additional materials with added expense. For example, you may require Strattice, which is an acellular dermal matrix, used to create an internal brassiere to improve support for the implant. During your consultation, we will discuss your specific desires and your surgical options.

Breast Reduction

This surgery is performed to reduce the overall size of your breasts. Approximately 130,000 breast reductions were performed by plastic surgeons in 2010. Patients with very large breasts often have difficulty finding appropriately fitting brassieres and clothes, and may be troubled by embarrassment in the workplace. Many with large breasts find that it hinders their ability to exercise. Breast reduction surgery has a high patient satisfaction rate.

Recovery from Breast Enhancement

Everyone is different, but you can expect the recovery time to be about 2 weeks. After surgery, we recommend that you begin walking the same day to reduce your risk of complications. Light cardio exercises may be resumed after about 2 weeks, and strenuous exercise and lifting may be resumed after about 4 weeks. You may need to wear a post-surgical garment to maintain the position of your breasts for about 6 weeks after the operation.

Breast enhancement is real surgery and carries a small risk of complications. Risks of surgery include bleeding, infection, scars, fluid collections, and asymmetry. Implant related complications include implant failure or rupture, implant exposure, malposition, and capsular contracture. Capsular contracture is the formation of firm scar tissue around the implant resulting in asymmetry, implant deformation, visibility of the implant, and pain in very severe cases. Dr. Dass performs surgery in an accredited surgical facility to maintain the highest standards for safety. During your consultation, we will discuss your specific risks of surgery.

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Breast Enhancement FAQS

What types of breast enhancement are available with Dr. Dennis Dass?

Dr. Dennis Dass is proud to offer breast augmentation, breast lifts, revision breast augmentation, and breast reduction surgeries.

How long do I need to take off of work for my breast procedure?

The type of breast procedure being performed will often dictate how much downtime and recovery patients need following their surgery. Additionally, factors such as the patient’s work and lifestyle will be taken into account and considered when providing downtime recommendations.

How do I ensure my breast enhancement looks natural?

We understand that our patients are worried about having work done and ensuring it looks as natural as possible. With the help of our Board-certified plastic surgeon, patients can rest easy knowing that the final aesthetic appearance is important to our team, and we will perform procedures in a way that ensures patients are happy—and even ecstatic!—with their final results!

How do I keep my breast augmentation from looking overdone?

Dr. Dennis Dass has performed thousands of procedures and will ensure that the implant size used for your procedure is appropriate for your body frame, size, and desired results. Overly large implants not only look unnatural but can become problematic for patients and require removal in the future due to dissatisfaction and complications.

How long will my implants last?

Depending on the type of implant you have, our team will recommend when to have these implants removed and replaced. Any complications that occur, such as capsular contracture, will require replacement as well and may occur sooner than the implant’s lifespan.

What type of implant should I choose?

Our team knows that certain implants are better for certain patients. The placement of the implant, the patient’s unique goals, and the pros and cons of each are considered when making recommendations for the type of implant patients should choose, including saline and silicone options.

How much breast tissue can be removed during breast reduction?

Large breasts can be problematic for patients, from complicating clothing shopping to keeping women from being as active as they would like to be. Maintaining a feminine profile should be accounted for when considering the removal of excess fat and tissue during breast reduction.

About Dr. Dennis Dass

About Dennis Dass, MD, PharmD

Dennis Dass, MD is a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, focusing on boosting the confidence of his Los Angeles, California patients with natural and beautiful results. He provides a range of surgical procedures for the body, laser skincare, and non-surgical procedures. As a Board-certified plastic surgeon, he performs hundreds of cosmetic procedures every year.

Dr. Dass earned his Medical Doctor degree from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in Albuquerque, NM and his Doctor of Pharmacy qualification from the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy. He underwent a six-year Integrated Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency at the University of Kansas. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, California Medical Association, and Los Angeles County Medical Society.

Dr. Dass has received numerous accolades including Top Plastic Surgeon designation from many reputed organizations. Connect with Dr. Dennis Dass on Linkedin.

Breast Augmentation Breast Lift Beverly Hills Results From 34 C to 34 Double D

Isabella shows how her breast lift and breast augmentation looks in a bikini 8 months after her surgery by Dr. Dennis Dass in Beverly Hills. "I absolutely love my results!," says Isabella. "I now feel very comfortable wearing a bikini. My breasts just look great with anything on and I feel great!" Learn more about breast lifts, breast augmentation, THE Brazilian Butt Lift and more at Call (855) 496-4646.

Hi I’m Isabella. I am here with Doctor Dennis Dass. I had my breasts done eight months ago. I had a breast lift and breast augmentation. I went from a size 34 C to 34 Double D and I absolutely love my results. I feel very comfortable now wearing two-piece bikinis. They just look great with anything on and they no longer hurt nothing hurts now. Everything is soft it’s comfortable the scars are healing really really well and I feel great.