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Facelift Beverly Hills

During the aging process, the soft tissue in your face loses its elasticity, and you will notice this by the appearance of wrinkles and changes in the overall shape of your face. Most people also lose bone and soft tissue volume which further accentuates these changes, resulting in signs of facial aging and a tired appearance.

Facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) is performed to improve the signs of facial aging. You don’t have to be a celebrity or excessively vain to desire a more youthful look. Most people are working a lot longer than they used to, and it is necessary to look youthful and rested to maintain competitiveness in the workforce.

A full facial analysis will be performed during your consultation. We will evaluate your forehead, eyes, cheeks, jowls, neck, and skin quality. This is important to create a balanced, favorable result. To balance the upper and lower face, you may also benefit from eyelid surgery. To really get that youthful glow, you will also need to take good care of your skin by beginning a skin care program, have a facial peel, or get a laser treatment.

During a facelift, an incision is hidden around the ear and along the hairline. These scars usually hide very well and most people will not see the scars during normal interactions, unless they are specifically looking for them or you point them out. The extra skin is removed and redraped without an unnatural, overly tight look. Under the skin, the SMAS, or facial muscles are elevated to a more youthful location. Different vectors are used to reposition the facial tissues. If you have a significant amount of soft tissue volume loss, fat can be transferred to your face to restore this volume loss. The fat is harvested from your body through liposuction techniques from stubborn areas that don’t respond to exercise.

You will have a dressing on for the first few days and then you will need to wear a chin strap for about 2 weeks. You can expect facial bruising and swelling, and the recovery time is about 2 weeks. After surgery, we recommend that you begin walking the same day to reduce your risk of complications. Light cardio exercises may be resumed after about 2 weeks, and strenuous exercise and lifting may be resumed after about 4 weeks.

Facelift is real surgery and carries a small risk of complications. Risks of surgery include bleeding, infection, scars, contour irregularity, asymmetry, numbness, and injury to the facial nerve. Dr. Dass performs surgery in an accredited surgical facility to maintain the highest standards for safety. During your consultation, we will discuss your specific risks of surgery.

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About Dr. Dennis Dass

About Dennis Dass, MD, PharmD

Dennis Dass, MD is a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, focusing on boosting the confidence of his Los Angeles, California patients with natural and beautiful results. He provides a range of surgical procedures for the body, laser skincare, and non-surgical procedures. As a Board-certified plastic surgeon, he performs hundreds of cosmetic procedures every year.

Dr. Dass earned his Medical Doctor degree from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in Albuquerque, NM and his Doctor of Pharmacy qualification from the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy. He underwent a six-year Integrated Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency at the University of Kansas. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, California Medical Association, and Los Angeles County Medical Society.

Dr. Dass has received numerous accolades including Top Plastic Surgeon designation from many reputed organizations. Connect with Dr. Dennis Dass on Linkedin.
Asian Facelift by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr Dass. This patient demonstrates her 3 year results. Facelift, Necklift, Blepharoplasty, Brow lift, CO2 laser facial resurfacing, chin implant.