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    After conducting much research on doctors nationwide, I had my BBL done on August 25, 2016 by Dr. Dass in Beverly Hills. His impressive results were consistent across the board (whether a patient was 100 lbs. or 180 lbs.) and he was very patient, caring and professional during our phone consultation. Most of all, he was confident I would get the results I wanted. His staff is also attentive, kind and helpful.

  • N

    Never Had an Hourglass Figure or Butt No Matter What I’ve Tried…besides This? Dr Dass is very calm, soft spoken but very obviously knowledgable and confident in what he does but doesn’t let ego shine through. He was patient and always asked if I have any more questions or concerns. He does great work and I’m really pleased with what he was able to do for my body despite my petite frame. Dass’ receptionists are very nice and return calls promptly and his surgical staff were also very sweet and informative. I got a “check-up call” the day after my surgery and my 1st post op was at the week mark with both Dass himself and a nurse. Wait times both in his office and the surgical center we great, I was taken back almost immediately every time. I feel like he undersold in what he could do (but was confident) and over-delivered, which is what you want in a doctor. My tummy is flat, my butt is bigger but looks natural and my scars are tiny, fading and symmetrical. All around very good experience and results!

  • l

    DASS DOLL 5’2” 125lb Asian, No Kids, Wanted MORE Curves

    Most professional and sincere doctor. I was afraid I didn’t have enough fat to transfer considering I’m only 5’2” and 125lbs, he also recommended me not to gain weight and was confident he could give me what I wanted which made me so ecstatic I didn’t have to stuff myself and gain more weight. I asked him how many cc’s he could get before the procedure to see if It was even worth it to me and post-op he said 500cc’s each maybe but it ended up being 950cc’s which made me SO happy overall. I rather have a doctor that understates and exceeds my expectations than to get my hopes up.

  • D
    Dreamingof abiggerbooty

    FINALLY 6 WEEKS BBL. I measured myself and I’ve lost an inch in my waist (26) and luckily I haven’t lost anything off my new booty (40). Here are a few pics 6 months post op. Measurements are about the same. Booty is very natural, not too over done. I have hips now. I’m very happy with my overall results Dr. Dass is very talented. I got a bit of an hour glass figure. My abs are very defined and I feel sexy in my bikini.

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    “28 Yrs Old 5″0 113lbs Bbl with Dr Dass

    Got 900cc on each cheek. Was afraid he wasn’t going to have enough fat for thank fully he did for my small frame. I got my stomach, back, braw roll and arms lipo. Great dr very informative and very nice. I love my results. His staff is very friendly always answering all of my questions. Angela, and his nurse Megan !*”

  • N

    “So Happy with my BBL

    Dr. Dennis Dass in Beverly Hills did my surgery and I am so in love with my results! He completely changed the shape of my body and I will be forever grateful and refer him to everyone. His office is clean, staff are so friendly, and he is just very professional! HIGHLY recommended. As the months went on I literally couldn’t wait another day without the bubble butt I’ve always wanted (too lazy to workout for it). I was referred to Dass and I’m so F’ing happy it’s unreal! Lol He’s amazing! So happy!*”

  • K

    Beautiful BBL on Thin Patient

    I’m 25 years old 5’5 weighed roughly 133lbs before surgery. Dr Dass: Amazing from start to finish. Very professional doctor & staff, came from out of town to have the process dure and was excellent from start to finish. I didn’t have much fat on me to begin with but this Dr sucked every once of fat out of me and gave me an amazing result. We got 1100cc/ cheek with lipo basically everywhere- all of my back, front, knees inner thighs & outer. Really didn’t hurt as bad as I thought It would, was off of painkillers 3 days later and was moving around vacuuming. Didn’t sit or drive for the full 6 weeks though. Thank you Dr Dass <3

  • p

    Dr. Dass was very sweet at my pre-op. He warned me about any possibilities. Such as saggy skin in my abdomen area because of having a baby recently. I went ahead with the Ab lipo anyways I want the biggest butt I can’t get! Ok so I’ve been staying steady at 38.5 inch hips. I’m happy with my size even if it isn’t a huge booty… I can tone and ad a lil naturally And my waist I can work on too. I got the help I needed to give me motivation to look better! I show my tummy pic to show I didn’t get saggy skin From lipo. Oh and lastly I had a shoot today 🙂

  • C

    Dr. Dass gave me Kylie Jenner’s body!

    I found out about Dr. Dass’s practice online and was blown away by his before and after photos! And boy did he deliver! I now have “Kylie Jenner’s” body and I’ve never felt sexier! Thank you Dr. DASS!!

  • F

    I am a little over 4 weeks post op and he has already changed my life more than he knows. The consult was quick and easy.

  • j

    45 and tired of a flat butt! BBL, mini TT and lipo

    Words a not describe his talent as well as his bed side manner. I will only trust Dr. Dass with any f my plastic surgery needs. Dr. Dass is the ultimate professional. Respectful and kind with a quiet but caring bedside manner. He is an absolute perfectionist! I wold do it all over again! Very minimal scar. Shrinking by the day.

  • J

    43yrs Old, 5’7 145 Lbs, 4 Pregnancies

    Yay!! I’m not looking like I’m 4 months pregnant and no more muffin top! Those 2 were my concerns! 3 wks post op…Tummy isn’t bulging anymore.. still numb and swollen around lipo areas. Nice rear view! Like how small my waist looks at 3 wks post op.

  • G

    At 7 weeks, So I’m finally feeling like the booty is mine. its soft and jiggly. I’m pretty much back to normal now, just the lipo areas still feel weird. Like kind of like a ripping feeling if i bend too much in any direction and if i get the chills it feels prickly. lol kinda terrible but I’m assuming this will go away with time. I still only sit when I have to, I have lost some more volume. My current measurements are: 32,27,43. I think the booty looks bigger mainly because he hooked me up with some hips, Which I LOVE….Overall I love my new shape.

  • b

    22 Years Old, 5’1 and 120 Pounds BBL Dass Doll

    48 hours later I took my first shower! I was so scared to see my stomach… not gonna lie I thought my belly button would be all fucked up and weird looking. To my pleasant surprise, my body looked AMAZING! I was thinking, “damn, I look good!” Wow my stomach was flat but swollen and my love handles were gone. I was so excited. The shower felt great and my incisions weren’t even really painful. Sometimes I would feel a slight sharp pain, but it wasn’t too bad. Anyways that’s really it for my review! I was feeling pretty good only a couple days post op.

  • M

    BBL 125 lbs, 26 Years, 5.4″ Loving my new curves!

  • M

    118 lb 5’2 small frame DASS doll 2017

    Hi ladies so I am officially 6 weeks! Yay! This has been a crazy emotional journey. I still have good and bad days. I have begun to get out little by little. I still have not sat, and I’m not planning too anytime soon:/ unless I really have too. I’m super excited to start weight training, squats and all of that. Def need to build some leg muscle. This procedure has gave me sooooooo much more confidence and I’m super glad that I went through with this. Dr dass does an amazing job at contouring! Im loving my shape! I’m just hoping and praying that I don’t lose anymore volume since I have lost almost 2″ I started at 40″ waist/hips post op and currently 25.5/26″ waist and 38″/39″ hips/butt.

  • L

    Thin 5’3 112 LbsSo I took some photos, you can see my before and after at 2 weeks post op. I have to say my body is completely different! I personally love my body right now, I can’t wait to work out and get it ripped!!! Dr dass has given me a hour glass figure that a gym can never give me. I am very happy with my result so far. And my family has gotten on board and agreed it looks very natural on me. When I got out of surgery I measure my butt and it was 38 inches, and now 2 weeks I lost half an inch, which isn’t bad at all. Im actually very happy that it looks very natural.

  • N

    19 Yrs Old, 5’6″, 160 Lbs

    Dr. Dass is so nice. He has this way of explaining everything that makes you feel so comfortable. He really knows what he is talking about and I have complete faith in him. This is what I was most looking forward to, slipping on tight dresses with no struggles #drdassgavemeanass. 8 month update: I’m still so happy with my lipo on my abdominal and waist area. I exercise 5-6 times a week to keep those areas fat free. If I gain any weight it goes to my butt. Also wanted to add that I went back in to see Dr Dass and got smart lipo in my hips 3 weeks ago. I feel way more comfortable and happy now.

  • C

    He was kind, professional and answered any and all of my concerns. His office manager/scheduler Angela has been of the utmost help and has literally responded within a day to each email.

  • D

    Dr.Dass was very sweet and made me feel very comfortable about everything. He answered all my questions and delivered what I wanted. He is truly a professional. Highly recommend!

  • V
    Vic Marti

    I Want my Body Sculpted, More Curvature and Big Hips! I had my BBL done by Dr. Dennis Dass and I am so happy with my results. Dr. Dass exceeded all my expectations not just with my results but with the way his staff and him treated me throughout the whole experience. They were all welcoming, kind and gentle which allowed me to relax and trust. This is a huge decision not only financially but physically as well, you want to go with some that makes you feel comfortable and trust they will take care of you. That is exactly what Dr. Dennis Dass and his staff did. Keep up the good work Doc, Angela and all the other staff members!

  • A

    30 Yrs Old 2 Kids So i’ve been wanting a bigger butt for some time now, i am 4’11 121lbs. I did some research for about 2 months and i ran across Dr.Dass in berverly hills. I scheduled my cosultation , he was very nice and make me feel safe so i decided to schedule my surgery. I had my 6 wks post op appt. im so happy with my results. My waist went down from 30 inches prior to surgery to 251/5 i wish i had more before pics but im so happy with my results. Dr. Dass is amazing simply amazing . The results i got are beyong my expectations. It was worth every penny, and the pain, the first 2 wks where hell but so worth it! I would do it again if i had too in a heartbeat. Hes soft spoken ,a true professional and very handsome. He made me feel safe about having this procedure done. Im so glad i choose him to be my surgeon I could not have made a better choice, he answered all my questions, and returned all my calls. So ladies if your looking into getting a bbl he is the best hand down! His staff is great. Megan his nurse is the best, Angela, Ashley everyone is polite and wonderful.

  • D

    26 Year Old Tattoo Removal (Lot of Blue) Feeling good about the results thus far. The skin is returning to its normal texture and has no more sensitivity. Excited about the next treatment, until then, just trying to stay positive and focus on what I can change today. 8 weeks post 2nd treatment. I’ve gone to see a tattoo artist I really like and he said that it has faded enough for a black and gray tattoo to go over it. He suggested I wait 4 more months before getting the new tattoo seeing as the skin is still healing and letting pigments go. I am happy with the results so far and am excited for the new tattoo which will be black and gray(decided against color).

  • L
    Little Susie Q

    BBL with Mini TT. Anyhow, I love that Dr. Dass did everything. He took the pictures; he walked me through what to expect and he answered all my questions. He is accommodating as far as what I want. He pretty much made me feel not rushed about the pre-op session. I feel so happy and excited about getting this done. Results are looking better and I had so much fun trying on my dresses. At six months, I know I’ve lost some volume, but when compared to my before pictures, there’s definitely an improvement. He did an amazing job with what he had to work with. I’m grateful I chose him to do my bbl and mini TT.

  • A

    Loving my results. 140lbs. I decided to go with Dr. Dass after many read reviews and many questions and research I have decided on Dr. Dass. Waist is at 27 and hips are at 42. First pic is 6 weeks, and second one is 5 months post surgery. Still loving my results

  • B

    “24 Years Old, 3 Kids, No Previous Cosmetic Surgery – Beverly Hills, CA

    My Doctor was amazing! He is soft spoken and very gentle, he also made me feel comfortable with my goals and expectations and constantly reassured me that I have great results. The staff of his office were pretty cool. The receptionist and nurse that helped me were so nice but I cant remember their names at the moment. *”

  • l
    lacey 622

    “My Brazilian Butt Lift Journey with Dr. Dennis Dass! I went and had 2 other consultation with top rated Beverly Hills surgeons before I came across Dr. Dass. I choose him based on his patient before and after pictures and his confidence during our consultation. He assured me that I was a good candidate and he can help me achieve good results. Dr. Dass was more expensive than the other doctors, but I felt he was a good fit for me. He was able to answer all my concerns and questions during our consultation and I did not feel rushed at all. He took as much time as I needed. After our consultation I had more questions that I forgot to ask, so I emailed Angela his patient consultant and she was able to answer all my questions promptly and politely. Angela is awesome! I’m always a nervous wreck when I call her and she manages to calm me down. I am so far impressed with Dr. Dass and his staff. *”

  • s

    “Recent Brazilian Buttlift. Beverly Hills, CA

    He and his staff are absolutely amazing. Dr Dass made me feel like I was his special case :-). Currently, I am exactly 3 weeks post-op and LOVING my results.

    I went in for a BBL knowing that fat was going to be taken from other areas of my body…but I had no idea how great I was going to look overall! My waist is tiny, and my back looks great! I NEVER imagined I could EVER look good period. I’ve never had a butt, I’ve never had hips… Dr Dennis Dass is great in every possible way. He is very humble, kind, respectful, and caring. I was very surprised when I received a phone call from him personally on my second day post-op. As a nurse, I am asked to do simple interventions and actually expect to perform them: weight, vital signs, measurements, med administration, patient assessment… However, Dr Dass performed all my measurements himself, an act that truly surprised me as nurse. He treated me s if I were his special case, yet I know he is a very busy surgeon; he has pages and pages of before and after pictures. Also, Angela his office manager is amazing. She made me feel like we were personal friends. Thank you Dr Dass and staff. God bless. *”

  • B

    “I chose to go to Dr. Dass because of his signature heart shaped figure that he gives. I wanted a really BIG butt and I made sure to let him know this countless times lol. I as well as my whole family are in shock of how small Dr. Dass made my whole back! It was really big and I had horrible bra rolls. I am beyond pleased with the results. Dass is truly a master sculptor he gave me a perfect after and I can’t thank him enough. Dass gave me a big butt and a small waist! I love Dr. Dass, I’m a Dass Doll. I really loved Dr. Dass’s personality. He is so soft spoken and throughout the process he always made me feel calm. When I told him that I wanted my butt as big as possible he told me up front that he would try to achieve that but it all depended if my skin would stretch that much. He is truly a remarkable doctor and professional that I respect and trust. *”

  • f

    “28 Years Old, BBL with Dr.Dass, 5’1, 135. I’ve already gotten a breast lift & 371cc silicone augmentation with him, about 5 months ago. Love his work! He did great. Love my new breast, I went from a 34c to 34DD!! Now I’m gonna have the BBL with lipo in my upper back (bra rolls), lower back, waist, stomach. Pre surgery I was 30″ waist and 38″ hips. Right after surgery I was super swollen and was a 31″ waist and 43″ hips. Now I’m 16 days post op and I’m a 27″ waist and 41.5″ hips. Abs starting to show through, Loving my results. I’m loving how stuff fits me now!*”

  • W

    “After considering couple of doctors that are also great I decided to go with DR Dass because
    1) he is board certified by the ASPS and
    2) his sculpting abilities (small waist , upside down heart shape butt) based on pics from his website.
    3) his is not out of the country ( I found Dr who is also great at sculpting but my sister did not want me to go out of the country).
    I took my pain med only for 2 days and took Tylenol after. I feeling a lot better now and saw Dr Dass today . He is very happy with my results too. He did have to see me because usually it’s for 1 week post op but when I called he made time to see me. He checked everything, even changed my bandages ( dr Dass not and an assistant ) that meant a lot to me . He really cares about his patients. Dr Dass is the BEST! I am in LOVE with my results. *”

  • f

    “Breast Lift & 371cc Silicone W/Dr.Dennis Dass. Love His Work!!!!

    I absolutely love the work that Dr. Dass did on me. he is extremely talented and strives to be a perfectionist at his work. I highly recommend him, he is extremely patient answers all your questions, very professional . I was a 34C and I’m now a 34DD. I had an anchor breast lift, under the muscle. My breast look extremely natural, I healed up very quickly, procedure was not as painful as I thought it would be, it just felt like there was a lot of pressure in my chest. My breast are now perky, huge, and I absolutely love them and so does my husband. My breast are absolutely amazing and beautiful. Highly recommend Dr. Dass!!!*”

  • K
    Korean Barbie

    “Asian girl 25 Year Old with One Baby Getting BBL. Had a decent butt before I had a kid but it all changed after pregnancy and giving birth. Dass is honest. He will tell you what he can do but will not guarantee you will look like the pictures you show him. He will try his best but his honesty got to me and I liked that. My husband trips out and gets mad that people take pics of my ass lol… Guess that means it’s not as small as I thought? My lipo area is so smooth and flat.*”

  • N

    “Ready to Do Me..after 4 Kids and 43

    Dr. Dass is very friendly , he has such artistic skills. Dr. Dass he is very amazing and talented..He made me feel very comfortable..we did talk a lil bit about what I wanted but then afterwards I just trusted him to do his thing…which he did..he did all that he said he could do and all that he possibly can do…regardless he is honest with expectations..Angela is wonderful made me feel like as if we had been friends for years…Megan is so informative I really appreciate how she gave me all the directions…she took her time…Ashly do sweet every time I walked in the office she would offer me a bottle of water..if I was running late she was very nice about it and very professional…I am definitely going back for a tummy tuck..I know it’s pricey but Dr.Dass is so worth the money.results speak for themselves…*”

  • S

    “Finally, I Look Like I Belong! I Want a Banging Body Like the Rest of my Family

    This is a pic of me in an old lingerie set that I never wore prior to surgery… Now I feel super sexy in it! Thanks Dr. Dass!*”

  • Y

    “I had a consultation with Dr Dass he is very nice and explained everything and answered all my questions, ive choose him because all of his after photos are amazing just what i was looking for not just a big butt but also a really nice round shape.*”

  • A

    “I want my new booty

    Dr Dass he is a nice dr and answered all my questions didn’t feel rushed at all.*”

  • r

    “I Am 29 yo; No Kiddos and Getting a BBL

    To start I am 5’6” and about 160ish pounds (maybe more after the holidays hehe) I don’t weigh myself I just go by how my clothes fit and how I feel–I wear about a size 4 to 6 in stretchy jeans and about an 8 in “real” jeans. I have wanted a BBL for about a year now. I have a nice shape already but I just want to enhance it and make it bigger, better and rounder. I think Dass delivers more of the desired look that I want.*”

  • V

    “2nd Time Around with the Wonderful Dr Dass ** Beverly Hills, CA

    I had a bbl with dr dass around the same time last year. Wanted it bigger even tho it was already pretty big so I gained weight. And now 5 days later in love with my new shape this time around injected fat in my hips so I look more curvy , as before I just had a big but now I have an even bigger butt and huge hips and a thigh gap from the lipo in my thighs 🙂 super glad I had this procedure with him again . Very friendly put me at ease with my concerns . Best Docter for the bbl procedure*”

  • A

    I am 36 yo, mother of 2, I am 5’4″ 155 lbs (I have a muscular stature so in pounds I am heavy but people think I weigh in the 130’s, I wear a size 7 in jeans to give you an idea of my visual size). I have stretch marks and loose skin on my stomach and love handles that I HATE! I will be having a tummy tuck, with liposuction of my love handles. My derriere is fairly large but I have two dents on the side that I want filled in, its not a BBL, it is what Dr. Dass is calling a fat transfer, so the fat he will remove from my love handles he will inject into my hip area to round me out, lol. It’s almost three months and I am still very happy with my decision to have surgery! Life is almost completely back to normal, i work out 3-4 times a week, including weights. I watch my diet and have really been focusing on trying to get some definition in these abs! My scar is so low that you can’t see it in my bikini or my underwear. Dr. Dass was awesome! Very calm demeanor, attentive, and knowledgeable of his craft. He did not over talk me and allowed me to speak and then made his recommendation. Angela, is coordinator, is amazing, quickly responds to emails and she looks awesome (he did some work on her as well!)*”

  • N
    New Leaf 15

    “I turned back the clock. 50 here I come!!!!

    Dr Dass certainly knows what he is doing. I showed pictures of what i wanted and told him i wanted a nice bum but certainly not a big butt that could look fake like a lot of the celebrities have. For the first 2 weeks I was so worried my butt looked huge buthe it’s settled down and looks just like my wish pic. He did an amazing job removin 10 inch in my mid section going from 41″ to 31″ This more than exceeds my expectations of the results. Office staff are lovely and one of them has had the procedure herself by Dr Dass so is a great wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend Dr Dass and his lovely staff. *”

  • G

    “Dr. Dass Done a Fab Job!! After a few months of searching for a good doctor in CA I decided to go with Dass. He had the best pics for bbl. It’s now Wednesday April 17th and I went in for surgery on the 15th so the pics I posted are only a few days post op. It was extremely painful the first few days and lortabs will be your best friend. Lol I’m also taking Arnica tablets and they help a lot as well. I’m extremely happy with my results, Dr. Dass did a fabulous job! Very little bruising if any just very very sore. I highly recommend him, he is highly skilled and seems to be the best in CA by far. Thanks so much Dass! I know have a juicy booty! Woo hoo!!! On Monday the 22nd I have my first post op and excited about possibly getting a new garment. I must say Dass does provide you with the best luxury garments. I have been wearing mine around the clock. Very easy to unsnap while having to use the restroom. I’m still very sore 5 days post op but I know it was worth all the pain! These curves aren’t possible from only working out! I wanted to post some before pics the day of surgery in my green sweatsuit. Huge difference so very happy!! It’s been a month now since surgery and I’m absolutely loving my new body! The recovery has been slow , a bit boring lol but so worth it. Thank God for Dr.Dass he really transformed and sculpted my body the way I desired it . You can def tell my Latin roots with these hips and a** now. Lol so very blessed:-)*”

  • T

    “New Body is Finally here! (before and after pictures). Dr. Dass is such an AMAZING doctor, I really loved since the beginning he was very Honest about my expectations and my surgery looks how I expected. IM SO HAPPY I CHOSE HIM! Thank you soooo much Dr. Dennis Dass you are REALLY TALENTED and, also very Honest. Im very grateful and happy with my experience.*”

  • K
    Kimberly B.

    “I never thought I could get an amazing boob job – Amazing Breast Augmentation. Dr. Dass is a miracle worker. I am 5 days out of surgery I got the DD/E boobs I desired, they are perfect already and haven’t even dropped and softened yet. I just can’t believe it, see for yourself…See Dr. Dass, you will NOT regret it!*”

  • f

    “Ive been waiting to do this for a long time. I did alot of research and I know theres plenty of great docters located all over which made my decision hard. I wanted a docter in california as i didnt want to fly to far in fear that i didnt want to be sitting on my butt to long lol. Last week ago I was looking in LA area and found Dass n beverly hills. I like his pictures they look very natural and theres alot of smaller girls that hes done the bbl on. Found Dass online……..did alot of research on other doctors as well but i was really impressed with Dass. When i did my consultation i was cofindent after speaking to Dass that he would be the ONE (: Yep i made the perfect decision hes worth more then the 5 stars. I feel super sexy now! Thank you Dass you make dreams come true! (:*”

  • B

    “Needing a Change I’m 5’7, 150lb.. I work out consistently (Even tho have failed miserably in the last 6 months) and try to eat as healthy as I can (candies and chocolate are my weakness) So, I just talked on the phone with Dr. Dass, and that’s it, I guess I found my doc! He just made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions and fears, he went through everything and was very comfortable to assure me I would get very similar results to my wish pics. Dr. Dass also said I didn’t need to gain any weight. Dr Dass was the best choice I’ve ever made.. Amazing doctor, great staff and clinic. Im on my first post op day and already feel so happy :)*”

  • R

    “Dr. Dass is the BEST!!!! Dr. Dass has been my surgeon since I got a breast lift and implants about a year ago. He did a fabulous job with that surgery, made me very happy with my results. When I met Dr. Dass for the first time I knew he was it, he explained everything to me, took his time answering all my questions was very honest and sincere with his answers. I went back to see Dr. Dass for my second procedure the Brazilian Butt lift and was very excited about doing this. Again he went thru everything with me made me feel so comfortable and assured me I would be happy once again with my results. The day of the procedure Dr. Dass came in to see me before surgery super nice again went thru everything briefly and once again made me feel great!! After the procedure it has been very painful but OMG he did an amazing job!! He is the best ever!!! He is so talented!! I am very happy with my results I had 1200cc injected in each buttocks. I highly recommend Dr . Dass for any procedure u are interested in you will be very happy. Thank you Dr. Dass couldn’t be more happier !!*”

  • y

    “Going to DR Dass Was the Smartest Decision I Made when Choosing a Surgeon. I love love love my new brazillian butt lift I got from Dr Dass. During my consultation, he listened to what look and shape I wanted to achieve and he did it for me. Im sooo happy with my overall look. After having a previous butt lift procedure from another surgeon, I went to Dr Dass to correct what the previous surgeon had done. Overall Dr. Dass did an amazing job and look forward to showing off what Dr Dass did for me!!*”

  • D

    “Had a Baby… Now I Want a Bootay! I used to be 117 at 5’2 , now I am 135…. I also got a lot of stretch marks from my pregnancy…. But I told him I don’t want a tummy tuck. Maybe later on in life, but not right now. I had a c section buy my scar is very low and healed really well. I am 30 years old and only have one baby. He has a great bedside manner and is a prestige Surgeon.*”

  • B

    “Much Needed BBL & Tummy Tuck! I’m 5’9″, 170 lbs, 36ddd-28-34. I’m sooooo excited!!!! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. Dr. Dass really impressed me during my consultation! He was cool, calm and very informative. He took his time and never made me feel like just a number. After seven consultations, I was completely confident that he would be the surgeon I choose. Dr. Dass did an awesome job.*”

  • Q

    “Dass Doll About 2 years ago, I had smart lipo with a Beverly Hills doctor that was a complete waste of my money. The lipo was performed in my upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and bra roll. The procedure was torture and my results was non-existent. So 2 years later, I’m still not happy with my body. This time I’m going for ultimate curves with the BBL. I’ve decided to go with Dr. Dennis Dass because of his YouTube videos and all of the reviews on here were stellar. I absolutely love how you can see the real before and after results of his patients in his videos. They are way better than looking at pics that may not be 100% real. Everyone at the surgery center was so nice and friendly. I usually wear contacts but I wore glasses yesterday because you’re not supposed to wear contacts in surgery. So I told the nurse that I can’t see much without you glasses and asked if she could make sure that they were around after surgery. And sure enough when I opened my eyes after surgery , my glasses were already on my face. I really appreciated that. The pain yesterday was not too bad. I took 2 pain pills every 4 hours to make sure that I kept it under control. Walking was the hardest part. I had a very sharp pain on my right side and whenever I tried to lift my right leg the pain would get worse. My abdomen and but are all number so I don’t feel much except some soreness when I move. I got to see my abdomen while changing the pads and it looks awesome! I have a flash stomach and an hourglass shape! So far so good! I have no pain since day, just a lot of achy discomfort in my abdomen area. And I’ve been surprisingly mobile for the past 2 days. The 1st day, I needed a lot of assistance but now I’m able to do everything for myself.*”

  • h

    “33 Year Old 2 Kids… Need Brazilian Butt Lift. So I did it!! Everything went well dr. Dass and his staff was awesome that day. I see some curves. I don’t have a square shape anymore. My stomach is flat. In love with my curves!!*”

  • M
    Mrs palacios

    “33 Years Old and Two Boys. I love Dr Dass, I went to several consultations before choosing him as my doctor to do my surgery. Trust me I did my research on choosing my doctor. Dr Dass is really nice and has a calming demeanor about him. I love that about him. He did outstanding results on me and I’m so happy I went with him. His staff is also absolutely amazing. Love them all. Everyone is so sweet to me every time me and my husband go in to the office for all my appointments. Go to Dr Dass if you want amazing results.*”

  • E

    “Dr. Dass did my Brazilian Butt Lift! I have no complaints. The staff is wonderful. Dr. Dass was so excited and giddy to do my surgery. He had so much passion when he was talking to us about what to expect and what he’s going to do. He said I look amazing afterward, I guess he should know but I can’t tell due to the swelling. He is a true artist. He is very nice and easy to talk to.*”

  • D

    “I had a Brazilian butt lift with Dr dennis Dass in Beverly Hills California. it was an amazing experience that was virtually painless. I would not trade it for the world and it was the best decision I ever made in my life*”

  • W

    “GOT MY BUBBLE BACK & MORE, THANK YOU DR. DASS!!! Dr. Dass is a sweetheart. I feel very confident in his work and know I will be in good hands. I really cannot say enough about Dr Dass. He sculpted me to exactly what I had wished for. Love his gentle demeanor and love him. I’m so excited with my results!!!*”

  • D
    D ASS

    “Dr. Dass Gave Me D ASS!! Awesome and Knowledgeable Dr. He answered every question and made me feel at ease. The staff were great. I would highly recommend Dr. Dass if anyone is trying to find one. Very pleased so far. Waist went from 34.5” to 29” Hips went from 40” to 42”*”

  • J

    “23 Years Old/5’1/100lbs I just got my BA yesterday morning!! It was a very speedy process, and they even started before the scheduled time. When I came in I filled out some paperwork then was led into the prep room to do a pregnancy test and to check my vitals. After my PS came in to do some markings, he talked to me about doing the 280cc or the 300cc, and that it was ultimately my choice ( he had both implants ready). I choose the 280cc because I wanted to be on the natural side and was confident with my choice over weeks of debating.*”

  • w

    “I decided to get a Brazilian butt lift because I was unhappy with the look of my backside. I had a boxed figure, no hips and a flat behind. I didn’t feel sexy at all. I was ashamed to take my clothes off in front of my boyfriend. I have been wearing lose fitting clothes my entire life because I didn’t like the my shape. It was very unattractive. My procedure consisted of I power lipo suction of my upper, middle lower abdominal, front and back, inner thighs and a fat transfer to my booty. I was looking for body sculpturing – not just liposuction. So I did some research, visited several physicians in Pasadena, Westwood and then I finally found Dr. Dass in Beverly Hills, CA. I chose Dr. Dass because the pictures on his website show drastic transformation and that is what I was looking for. Dr. Dass and his staff are the If anyone is planning to have any type of a surgical procedure, Dr. Dass is your MAN in Beverly Hills. My body is banging. I have entertain the thought of wearing a bathing suit or two piece swim suit my entire life, however, you can best believe, come summer 2015, I will be in the smallest bikini anyone has ever seen. I am overjoyed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Happy doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. Big hugs to the Dass team. I love ya’ll from the bottom of my heart and the pit of my belly.*”

  • V

    “Wanting a my Dream Body …21year Old Latina No Curves. Feels like a dream dr.dass has magic hands lol !! I’m loving my body . I’m getting do much attention everywhere I go .. I love it ;)*”

  • T

    “Laser Liposuction with Dr Dass. I am a 35 year old mother of two preteens residing in LA area. I am about 20 lb. overweight and most of those pounds are in my waist/stomach area. I used to be very thin before kids, but gained a lot of weight after my second one. I would really like to transform my upper body (waist, back, sides). Deciding on the doctor took me awhile. I considered many doctors. Dr. Dass has nice before/after pictures, judging by other reviews his patients are less, he offers both general and local anesthesia and decides on what is more beneficial for a particular case, has beautiful/clean office, practically no wait time, and the appointments are scheduled meticulously- you will see other patients only on your way out of the office or on the way in, you won`t have to sit in a waiting room with a bunch of other patients. Dr. Dass is certified in plastic surgery. Even with the swelling body looks so much better than it did before liposuction.*”

  • A

    “33 Years Old 1 Kid. I was not happy with the way I looked so I went to see Dr. Dass he did a excellent job gave me the celebrity butt with a small hour glass waist he changed my life I get so many compliments everyday I knew he was the one just by other patients that came into his office that had great looking bodies what can I say he’s the best and I’m thankful for what he did for me.*”

  • L

    “26 Years Old, Slim, Fit and Wanted a More Fuller Apple Bottom Dr Dass is fantastic! He is definitely the best in the business and this shows in his work. Not only does he deliver above and beyond your expectations but he is extremely down to earth. He was very honest which is what I appreciated so much! He answered every query and was very patient and most importantly, kept in touch to see how I was going post op! Highly recommend Dr Dass!*”

  • X

    “25 Years Old, 1 Child, 80lb Weight Loss, 5’10 165lbs I wanted to feel 25 again. I lost a lot of weight after choosing to live a healthier lifestyle and my stomach never bounced back after my c-section. I had a full tummy tuck with minimal lipo. I was really apprehensive at first to do the procedure, I have lupus that caused me to have abnormal blood clotting when I had my son. My doctor took every precaution and made me feel comfortable. I felt it was the only way I would be comfortable in my own skin. I am beyond happy with my tummy tuck! I can’t wait for the scars to lighten up! They are all smooth with no complications. My doctor injected the scar around my belly button to help it lay flat and stay smooth. I am already back in the gym and I can actually tell a huge difference since I’ve had muscle repair! One side is a little weaker which will just take time. He is amazing! Really cares about his patients and takes time with everyone.*”

  • m

    “55 Years Old and Finally Getting Fat Transfer to the Hips My surgery went well, I was under local, so I was awake during surgery. They give you 2 pills and a shot and it was painless. Towards the end of the surgery he had some fat left and he asked me if I could stand up so he could put the fat where I needed it, that was great because I wanted both sides even. I just had my hips and a little on the side of the butt done and I LOVE the way it looks. Well, it’s been 6 months and if you look at the photos, I’m happy to say I think I have retained the fat, yippeee! And, I feel I have actually fluffed a little. Anyway, I feel this procedure was the best ever (and of course Dr. Dass) it has made me so much more comfortable in my clothes. I’m just hoping this fat on my hips will last forever…*”

  • X

    “25 YearOld 1 Child, Had a TummyTuck 7Weeks Ago, Finishing my BodyTransformation with Smartlipo to my “Love Handles” & Thighs I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago to fix severe damage to my skin and body for having my son. We discussed before the procedure that tummy tuck was needed and he recommended the smart lipo for my love handles and inner thighs. My doctor ended up doing the smart lipo all the way up to my bra line which I wasn’t apposed to. Out of these areas he took 2 liters of fat! Everyone was shocked I had that much fat there! I am 5’10 and before this was 170lbs and I workout, lift weights and eat healthy majority of the time. He is amazing I will recommend any one wanting any work to him and his wonderful staff. Everyone is so friendly and concerned about you, they take the time to spend time with every patient and do an outstanding job!!*”

  • S

    “50 Y/o. African American Mother of 2 for BBL. I am a very petite African American female mother of two adult children who decided to be the best me I can be. Although I am 4’11 and 110 lbs my body type carried stubborn fat around my midsection and my butt needed to be a bigger and rounder. Even though I exercised regularly I didn’t get all the results I wanted so I went to Dr Dennis Dass. Dr Dass is amazing. Beyonce and J-lo look out. Lol. Thanks

    Dr Dass and your amazing team. You are the best. Dr Dennis Dass is the most amazing person that I’ve ever gone to. He is very professional, soft spoken, listens intently to everything you have to say and takes great pride in his work so you know you are in excellent hands. Super amazing guy. I highly recommend him for this and other procedures. He’s the best at what he does.*”

  • c

    “Hello to all!! I want to thank Dr. Dass for my procedure. God where to start? After researching and gaining wt for two years I made the decision to go for it! Went to several TOP surgeons in Beverly Hills for consultations all kept telling me I had to gain wt! By the way I’m 5’1 160 pounds! Dr. Dass told me to stop. I can’t say enough about Dr.Dass., he is truely talented!! So happy he did my bbl I LOVE IT. Very happy with my results. Dr.Dass EXCEEDED my expectations, he is true professional!!*”

  • S

    “I Have Been Waiting for This Day for As Long as I Can Remember. The results look very natural and everything that Dr. Dass said came true. If I had to choose one word to describe him, it would be Freaking Awesome (ok, that was two words). Thanks Dr. Dass and your staff for everything! I will definitely be going back and have even referred a few people. If you are looking for a great cosmetic surgeon that makes you feel like you are his only patient (and one that genuinely cares), then look no further. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment today. I guarantee you will fall in love with him.*”

  • K

    “I’d been thinking about getting a bbl for years now and finally got it done. I was looking for a dr online and found Dr. Dass. I liked his results on the before and after photos I seen on his website and found more reviews on realself. I’m now 5 wks post op and love my results. Dr. Dass gave me hips and a smaller waist. He was very sweet and explained everything over with me. He was confident and knew exactly what he was going to do. He was able to get 2600 cc’s of fat out of my abdomen, flanks, lower back, and inner thighs. He was able to put 1100 cc’s of fat back into each cheek. That was pretty impressive to me as I’m 5’2 and weighed 130 before sx.*”

  • H

    “37 Years Old, 5’5″, 132 Lbs, Small Frame, One Baby – Classic BBL + Arm Lipo. Dr Dass gives you yours garments so you don’t have to risk getting it online…its great! They are just the best office and I love my results. oh and for number lovers..he took 5 liters out and put 1100cc back in each cheek!! Im glad he didn’t tell me prior because I would told him to just put 800cc..I specifically said many times over I DO NOT want a Kardashian bum..but also that I trust his aesthetics…and I am so glad I let him decide on what to do..I am loving my new shape! It cannot be achieved with squats body now looks youthful again :)*”

  • N

    “29 Year Old. 5’2” 125 Lb, 34b Getting Silicone 500cc & BBL. Dr Dass is such an attentive dr. I felt very comfortable while going over my 100 questions during my consultation, but never once did I feel rushed or persuaded. After my consultation, I couldn’t wait to do more in depth research on Dr Dass…everything I found about him was great… I extremely excited and comfortable with my decision. I can’t wait ….*”

  • a

    “Dr Dennis Dass BBL perfection. Dr. Dass is beyond amazing. I needed a doctor that could contour me really well and give me a nice round heart shaped booty. Dr Dass delivered. My results are beyond my expectations. He is such a sweet, responsive dr. I am in love with my new shape. If you are looking for a Dr that can meet your goals, check him out. I loved him!!!!*”

  • A

    “Official dASS Doll. Hey my loves I made it !!!! I’m literally in love with my shape my doctor did so good and the pain is like a 4 out of 10… I actually thought it was going to be worse than this but thank God I’m doing pretty good the only annoying part is sleeping on stomach since my arms and neck are stiff…. But other than that it just feels like you did a million squats and your muscle is soar.*”

  • L

    “The Best Brazilian Butt. I wanted a smaller waist line. I felt square around the middle. What happened was, I saw a video of myself and said is that me? My middle is thick, sad. My boyfriend said he didn’t want to be the one to say it. I made a decision to see Dr. Dennis Dass and soon after scheduled surgery – The Brazilian Butt. All I really have to say is WOW! My friend said “You have my daughter’s butt”, her daughter is a high school cheerleader and gymnast.

    I feel I can now wear a bathing suit and flaunt my assets.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best results and a speedy recovery, sincerely. “

  • T
    Troy C

    “I had work done on my abdomen from Dr. Dass, and he was incredibly accommodating to my unique circumstance. Choosing to have plastic surgery can be a difficult decision to make, but the doctor and his staff really helped calm me down and make a great decision. He did great work, and really helped change my life for the better. “

  • A

    “So very happy. Im so happy I choose Dr. Dass, he is the only one that was willing to do the liposuction, and let me decide if I need a tummy tuck later. I will recommend him to my friends. I had gone to several consultations because I wanted liposuction for a smaller stomach but every surgeon told me that I needed a tummy tuck. I didn’t want the scars from a tummy tuck because I don’t scar good. Dr. Dass is the only one that said that my skin was pretty good and that he would be willing to do the liposuction first, and if I still wanted to be flatter then I would still need a tummy tuck after all the swelling goes away. He also told me that I should do the fat transfer to the buttock, I wasn’t sure about that because I had not heard about that. When they showed me his before and after pictures, I decided to just did it. It has been almost 7 months now, and I absolutely love the results and my husband looks at me the way he used to. I don’t think I even need the tummy tuck now. Thank you Dr. Dass. :)”

  • K
    Kathy T.

    “My experience with Dr. Dass was flawless. He has answered all of my questions with his extensive knowledge since our first consultation appointment.

    The environment of his office and the surgery center also added to my wonderful experience. His office is clean and classy, and is in the heart of Beverly Hills- a must-see Los Angeles attraction. The staff members in his office, Angela, Megan, and Lisa make you feel welcome and at ease right when you walk in the door. The surgical staff in the Soma Surgery Center (which is conveniently located right downstairs) are INCREDIBLE. My nurse, Cynthia, and anesthesiologist, Dr. Chan (or Chen, sorry) both went out of their way to make me feel comfortable right before and after surgery. I have never had such a pleasant medical experience! I greatly appreciate them.

    Also, the process of actually signing all forms and legalities go smoothly, since Dr. Dass is a professional who is up to date with all technology- there will be no time wasted flipping through and writing out/signing any paper forms.

    The environment of the office/vibe of the staff is a big factor on how I decided on Dr. Dass. Mostly, what made me make my final decision were his patient results. I spent copious amounts of hours clicking through his before and after photos on his website, and Dr. Dass really understands the aesthetics of what an amazing butt looks like.

    I am completely satisfied with my Brazilian Butt Lift results. Dr. Dass is amazing!”

  • M
    Michael C.

    “Dr Dass and his team are great!. Always very pleasant and very helpful. Tattoo removal is incredible with him, twice as fast as anyone else. He’s a really good guy.”

  • V

    “Dr. Dass listens to your wishes and gives you the comfort to feel at ease if you are nervous. He answers all your questions and takes the time to make you feel safe and confident that your procedure will be a success. He is very professional but most important caring. He doesn’t make you feel like you are just another paying patient. On the other hand, he makes you feel like you made the best investment of your life. My only regret was not doing it sooner.*”

  • N

    “Great Results! Butt Augmentation and Lipo. I decided on Dr. Dass because he made me feel comfortable plus his befores and afters are amazing. My only concern was my size since he does a lot of petite women and I am larger. I remember asking his fab assistant about whether he could handle me and she was like yeah girl he can handle you! Lol. The one thing I really loved about his work is how artistic he is with lipo on the stomach. I didn’t want lumps or anything. Dr. Dass is such a professional and very skilled at his craft. The procedure went very well! I was in a lot of pain but it was well worth it. I had lipo on my abdomen, stomach, lower back, inner thighs and arms with fat to my butt and hips. I am very happy with the results and even more happy that I picked Dr. Dass! Ladies do not hesitate to get the work done you desire, you are worth it. Glad to have found a wonderful surgeon for life cuz yes I’ll be back!*”

  • C

    “31 Yrs 3 Kids Ready for a New Body with Curves. Dr. Dass is the best. I went in for a Brazilian butt lift I am in two weeks of recovery and I am loving the results nice round bubble butt with a taste of hips and curves. Dr.Dass is amazing he listens to what you want. He is very sweet gentle and calm. I recommend Dr.Dass to anyone that is in need of a great surgeon. Thank you Dr. Dass :-}*”

  • B

    “Choosing Dr. Dass was the best decision ! The stuff is amazing, caring I got answers on all my questions and I had all the info I needed . Dr. Dass was great he answered all my question he made sure I got everything covered . My breast look amazing even better then I thought it’ll be he is perfectionist and I don’t think I could have got better work then what he did ! Defenitly recommending Dr. Dass i thing he’s just the best!*”

  • A

    “Best Plastic Surgeon Ever He the Sweet Nicest Person As Well. I want to start off by saying I have plastic surgery done before the doctor was great but it was a whole Nother experience with DR DASS he made sure that he followed up and called personally to make sure that I was okay he did an amazing job the staff was awesome he’s made my waist looks so small and I’ve had Laipo before and I’ve never seen my Waist like this he made my ass so big i’m still swollen but I most definitely know exactly how the results are going to come out thank you*”

  • H

    “38year old female. My experience with dr. Dass was wonderful . He sculpted my body beautifully. I wouldn’t ‘t think twice of going with any other plastic surgeon if ever I needed more work done on myself. Dr. Dass is a dream come true of a doctor; his young , smart , artistic , and very talented -My body and the work he did on me speaks for itself- truly amazing!*”

  • K

    “45 Year Old Male, Brazillian Butt Lift. After several months of researching the Brazillian Butt Lift, I decided to interview Dr. Dass for my procedure. I was extremely impressed with my first encounter with him at my consultation. I must have asked over 50 questions with respect to pain during and after the procedure, recovery time, and expectations. I was amazed at my comfort level after the procedure. The toughest part of the procedure was riding on my stomach in the car on the way home. I took a total of 4 Advil throughout my entire recovery! I believe it had a lot to do with how gentle and precise he was during the surgery as I had previous liposuction surgeries and I was on lots of pain medication for up to a week after those previous procedures with other Doctors. I could immediately tell that he really studied the photos that I brought to him because my result was just as I had hoped it would be. If I had met Dr. Dass years ago, I would have signed up immediately for this procedure as well as the other procedures in the past. I am in the health care profession and I have never encountered a Doctor with such professionalism, bedside manner, and sincerity as Dr. Dass. I was expecting a Salesman, but I received a truly talented humble Doctor that is passionate about how he changes someone’s life.*”

  • S

    “Smart lipo Dr. And his staff are so friendly, I knew the moment I stepped foot in his office, he was the one I trusted! He answered mostly all my questions before I even asked them. I wasn’t in any pain during the surgery, and to be quite honest, I was barelyy in any pain after. Thank god. Now I have the flat stomach I’ve been dying to have my whole life!*”

  • P

    “25 Yrs Old – Asian & Petite BBL W/ Dr. Dass!

    Amazing doctor, and an incredibly skilled surgeon! I am so happy that I decided to choose Dr. Dass for my surgery. He was incredibly knowledgeable and professional, but also very personable and made me feel as if I were his top priority! His post-op care is second to none, and he really makes an effort to be accommodating and available. The results speak for themselves, and I couldn’t be happier! My body looks amazing, and he will definitely be my surgeon of choice for any future procedures! It speaks to his AMAZING skill that I had minimal bruising and swelling, and I was able to switch to Tylenol on the second day following my surgery! So happy!!! Thank you Dr. Dass!!!*”

  • S

    “Dr. Dass is the best doctor for this surgery..he’s so sweet and he made me feel so comfortable..I’ve never felt so relaxed with a doctor ever..he made me feel good about myself before and after the surgery..and he’s very nice to talk to..he perfects his work and makes sure u do all the right things to get the best results..he tells u exactly how u will look afterwards and to me I look a lot better then I imagined..I feel like I payed for exactly what I got..and I could never be more happy..alsothe staff at the Soma Surgery center made me feel very was overall a great experience and I’m beyond happy I did my research and found the best doctor in California..*”

  • R

    “Best if the Best in Beverly Hills Doctors, Amazing Results from Brazilian but Lift and More. I met Dr Dass when he performed a procedure on my daughter who is in her twenties with amazing lipo results. Right away I knew I found someone really awesome and highly skilled in his profession. I have been to many plastic surgeons in the past and have had numerous procedures. Dr Dass corrected my botched lipo procedure from some 20 years ago and gave me an amazing butt. He also did some subtle fat transfers to various areas in my face, the results are amazing and exceed my expectations. If you are looking for a highly skilled , caring and good doctor in the Los Angeles area, look no more. My only regret is not knowing him sooner. There are many good plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills Dr Dass is the best one I have found and highly recommend him for any procedure you may be considering because he cares and he is a perfectionist.*”

  • D

    “Dr. Dass and his wonderful staff made me comfortable from the very first phone call. I started a laser treatment with a traditional laser at a different facility and it was quite painful. My tattoo was numbed before treatment and I actually felt no pain! The experience was pleasant and I’m actually looking forward to my next treatment! Dr. Dass is caring and has wonderful bedside manner. I knew I was in good hands. The best part was that I felt no pain during the procedure.*”

  • g

    “10 Weeks Post Op Tummy Tuck/ Butt Lift

    Dr. Dass is the Best Doctor I followed other women and their end result and my results are Fabulous!!!! No Bruising an almost Invisible Scar I couldn’t have ask for a better and more Kind Doctor I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Dass!!!!*”

  • M

    “48 Year Old with a Beautiful Brazilian Buttlift

    I have wanted to have a butt lift since I was 17 years old. I finally made the decision after much research and picked the most amazing doctor. From the moment i met with Dr. Dass, he made me feel so comfortable. He knew exactly what i needed and wanted. I am a marathon runner and he made sure to create a beautiful body that would fit my body type. I am 6 weeks post op and i can say i am so happy! I had tears in my eyes when i saw how beautiful i look! I could go on and write a million pages to describe how incredible Dr. Dass is. He is the most caring doctor i have ever met. He truly works his magic and creates a beautiful look. My self confidence is through the roof! Thank you a million times Dr. Dass! You are my hero! Thank you doctor! I am forever grateful to you!*”

  • N

    “I had issues with my first 2 implants by the same doctor until I went to Dr Dass. I was pretty scared to go through the procedure a third time. Dr Dass explained the whole procedure and left nothing to the imagination. He was thorough in what he was going to do to help prevent the capsular contracture from happening again. He took every precaution and 2 months later it is still as soft as real breast. He really listened to what I wanted and gave me what I wanted.*”

  • M

    “I’m 41 Years and Mother of 4 Kids Since the first consultation at Dr. Dass they make you feel comfortable and important to them the staff is very caring. Dr. Dass is an excellent surgeon very professional, great attitude and patient. What he does with his hands is a work of art. I’m still recovering and I’m very happy with the results, I highly recommend Dr. Dass.”

  • M

    “Thank You Dr. Dass and Office!! After 57 my body changed tremendously , my midsection became overwhelming , saw Dr.Dass on TV on channel 5 news and called schedule an appointment . The following week I was having my precedure smartlipo done , I was nervous , but his demeanor was so gentle he so laid back and very soft spoken , but he handled the business ! I look and feel 10 years younger no doubt pics coming soon ! To remove belly fat . And it’s looking GreaT! Still healing I have 3 more weeks to complete my healing process but it’s all Good!the precedure was done right in his office less than 3 hours I was back home relaxing starting my healing process !Great Job!! My clothes are fitting me so much better !!! Very confident and very nice Doctor . My precedure was quick and I’m healing very well , I’m very excited with my results and I still have 3 weeks to complete my healing ! I’m feeling and looking great! Thank you Dr. Dass!! And staff!*”

  • A

    “29yr Old, 1 Kid , Brazilian Butt Lift – Beverly Hills, CA

    I was high recommended by a family member after seeing first hand the miracle he did with her I decided to do the same procedure BBL. Its been 7 weeks and I love the results. Dr.Dass is very professional and very detail with his work and customer service is great!*”

  • N

    “Was Seeking a Perkier Sexier Butt. – Beverly Hills, CA

    I had made multiple appointments for consultations but after meeting with Dr. Dass and his staff I was confident he was the one that would give me the results I wanted. I had expected to pay less than what he quoted me but after having seen the results I’m very happy with my decision to go with him. When choosing a doctor it’s always balance between finding an affordable doctor, but also one who has done the procedure enough to be proficient in his craft. Dr. Dass listened to what I wanted and did not get carried away with injecting too much into my buttocks as I wanted a modest lift. I didn’t necessarily want a bigger bottom as I was more interested in improving my natural shape. The Brazilian Butt lift isn’t just for those who want a porn star body, but also for those looking to improve their overall figure. By having this procedure done I have achieved a perfect hourglass figure. My waist is smaller, my inner thighs no longer touch and my legs look longer as my butt not sits higher. The pain is very tolerable and I was off Norco after the 3rd day. It was a bit awkward not being able to sit or sleep on my back. I would recommend getting the leachco pillow to help u sleep while having to stay off your back. After the first 3 days I was feeling fine of course I was still sore. I went back to work a week after my operation and it was fine. I had to stay off my butt for 6 weeks but I was slightly sitting on it after the second week. I didn’t sleep on it till after the full 6 weeks. If you are interested in having this procedure I highly recommend seeking out Dr. Dass as he is highly skilled and yet still warm and patient enough to go over any questions you may have.*”

  • J

    “I am absolutely so excited to have finally gone through with my bbl procedure. I was hesitant to just have any surgeon do my work but thankfully I decided on Dr. Dass. His reviews are all great and aside from his expertise and amazing work in his field, he has the kindest disposition about him and truly makes you feel comfortable and is reassuring.I made the best decision to go with Dr. Dass. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks Dr. Dass!…….I had no clue this tiny waist was underneath all that fat!!!! At last, I’m finally curvy in all the right places!!! Over all, getting the procedure was well worth it and I have no regrets! I’ts totally the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!*”

  • V

    “I had lipo on my back, abs and flanks and the fat was transferred to my butt. My experience was great. The nurses were very nice in the Surgical Center. They made me feel comfortable and safe. They were very attentive. I went home and was awake for the ride. Didn’t experience any pain. The pillow that was recommended to me helped me a lot when I had to sit. I felt that I wasn’t smashing my butt. There was leaking of the bloody fluid for 2 days and had to wear pads on them to keep from staining but over all nothing to complaing about. The pain was so tolerable that I didn’t finish my pain medication. I had surgery on Friday and relaxed at home Sat and Sun on my stomach and walked around to keep my blood flowing. I slept on my stomach for the most part and follwed instructions of not sitting on my butt as much as possible. I took a shower on Monday and noticed the change as soon as I took of my garment. As the days passed, I could see the change in my body and butt. I felt wonderful. Dr. Dass is a wonderful doctor. I chose him the day I met for my consultation and I did a lot of research. He made me feel comfortable and listened to what I wanted and made it possible. My expectations were met. He was never too busy for me and showed a lot of concern for me till today. I have recommended him to friends and family and will be returning for more work myself and my husband. My husband is so happy with my results that he will only allow me to go with him for my future procedures. Dr. Dass has giving me the confidence and sexiness I was lacking. I wish I would have done my surgery sooner. He is an artist. His staff is also wonderful.*”

  • N

    “Doctor of Brilliance. Dr. Dass is a highly qualified professional who truly gets you the best results for your body. I have had a procedure done by another doctor before I met Dr. Dass and I can clearly tell the difference in results and skill. I can confidently say that I fully trust him with anything I might need in the future.*”

  • A

    “Dr. Dennis Dass is the Best! I had an amazing experience with my procedure and can not put into words the fantastic results. I am not even fully healed/recovered, and I am already more than happy with the result…and it is only going to improve as I continue to heal/recover. The entire staff was a pleasure continues to be a pleasure to work with and I would definitely refer Dr. Dennis Dass for anyone who is interested in this procedure.*”

  • M

    “To all the people doing your research for the best candidate to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift, you have stopped at the right Doctor. Dr. Dass is the best and I am writing this review to show my complete satisfaction of the entire experience. I had done about a year worth of research attending different consultations and no one had made me feel so confident and sure but Dr. Dass and his staff. I did my research. I had my questions. Other Doctors had been very pushy to get my sale but Dr. Dass is such an artist, he doesn’t need to pressure anyone. He knows he’s good. He is also very polite and very professional. He always makes you feel comfortable. The experience before surgery was excellent and the staff was just as excited as I was. Before surgery the office staff helped me to become mentally prepared for what I was about to do. Weeks in advance. On the day of surgery I was ready for it and not scared at all. I immediately saw Dr. Dass and had a few questions. I love that he is very patient and listens! I loved to see that excitement in his face when we were ready to go. At home the same day post-op Dr. Dass called me to see how I was feeling. A week after the surgery, much of the swelling went down and man oh man did I see a work of art. My body is amazing!! I used to have a pretty flat bottom and a muffin top waist. My butt is perfectly proportioned and I just can’t believe how sexy I look. It’s what they say, the proof is in the pudding. If you want the best results, Dr. Dass is the one. Look at all the work he’s done. One doctor offered me a really great price to choose him over Dr. Dass but his work on BBL’s were not even close to as beautifully done as Dr. Dass. The price is higher for a reason. He does the best job I have seen in all my research. I am so happy. If I weren’t such a private person, and didn’t have tattoo’s that expose me, I would post a picture. However, I am so happy to write this review and even talk to anyone who has questions about it. Completely satisfied patient.*”

  • b

    “I’m a woman in my 30’s who unfortunately is your stereo typical Asian female; booty-less. As it has been increasingly popular lately with voluptuous derrières popping up everywhere, it made me curious to see what my options are so I decided to do some research.

    Google’d “best doctor in LA for BBL” and it lead me to this site. I looked at “before and after” photos from 5 different doctors in LA and nothing come close to what Dr. Dass has done thus far. The way he sculpts your body to give you that natural curve without it looking obnoxious is what caught my attention (I have been obsessing over it ever since). Soon after, Dr. Dass enters the room and proceeds with the evaluation. He was very well mannered, professional, and patient with answering any questions. He definitely made me feel confident that he is the right choice.*”

  • b

    “I’m 23 years old, and I live in California I’m 5’7 and I weigh 158.. I wanted to stay close to home so I decided to get my procedure done by Dr. Dennis Dass, located in Beverly Hills, CA. When I went in for my consultation I was so freakin’ nervous, but he instantly calmed me down. I’m so happy and satisfied with the outcome. Dr. Dass is amazing and he improved my body tremendously. I’m more confident with my outer appearance and everywhere I go I get so much attention from both men and women. All the pain and discomfort was worth, and I’m so happy that I decided to go through with my brazilian butt lift procedure. Man oh man, the compliments I have been receiving because of my fabulous body. Everywhere I go it’s so much attention. I went out went some friends the other night, and so many strangers wanted to grab my butt. One woman told me I have a Nicki Minaj butt. The waitresses kept coming to our table telling me how great my body looks. Sometimes all the attention gets overwhelming but it just confirms what a great job Dr. Dass has done. I love Dr. Dass. I swear he made and still makes me feel like I’m one of his family members. He is the best doctor ever!! 🙂 I can now say I love my body.*”

  • j

    “Highly recommended. Thank you doctor! I appreciate everything you have done for me. The experience & results were great!*”

  • L
    Landy H.

    “Hi, I’m so blessed to have found Dr. Dass to do my breast augmentation! My breasts are now perfect and beautiful, I had all the first time jitters but then when u meet him the rest is history. He’s out of this world aaaaamazing at what he does and u will have no regrets! Going back for a fat transfer, I’m not fat what so ever but after 1 child there’s always room for enhancement :)*”

  • F
    Francis C.

    “Dr. Dass is a professional. He did a wonderful job on my eyelid. I will recommend him to anyone.*”

  • J

    “I went to a family reunion and everyone just thought I looked great. When I showed my mom, she was amazed at how natural they looked. I’m really happy I chose Dr. Dass.*”

  • R

    “I’m very happy I had my breasts done. I’m so much more confident now.*”

  • L

    “Best Brazilian Butt.*”

  • L

    “My friend was so jealous, she said that I stole her daughter’s butt. Her daughter is an 18 year-old gymnast.*”

  • C

    “I’m telling J.Lo. to step aside, there is a new sherriff in town.*”

  • O

    “I LOVE IT. My clothes don’t fit anymore…My waist is so much smaller now.*”

  • L

    “I’m so happy I did it. My daughter was amazed at the difference*”

  • E

    “The recovery was quicker than I expected.*”

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About Dr. Dennis Dass

About Dennis Dass, MD, PharmD

Dennis Dass, MD is a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, focusing on boosting the confidence of his Los Angeles, California patients with natural and beautiful results. He provides a range of surgical procedures for the body, laser skincare, and non-surgical procedures. As a Board-certified plastic surgeon, he performs hundreds of cosmetic procedures every year.

Dr. Dass earned his Medical Doctor degree from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in Albuquerque, NM and his Doctor of Pharmacy qualification from the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy. He underwent a six-year Integrated Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency at the University of Kansas. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, California Medical Association, and Los Angeles County Medical Society.

Dr. Dass has received numerous accolades including Top Plastic Surgeon designation from many reputed organizations. Connect with Dr. Dennis Dass on Linkedin.