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Earlobes are the normal skin appendage at the lower end of the cartilaginous ear. The ears are frequently pierced for earrings and accessories. Earrings place the earlobes at risk for getting damaged.

Earlobe Tears

Simple tears in the earlobe can result from earrings being pulled out. The injury results in earlobe clefting or a bifid earlobe. This type tear will not heal and close by itself. Surgical repair of the earlobe will be necessary to repair an earlobe tear.

Earlobe Gauges

Earlobe gauges, or earlobe plugs, became a popular practice some time ago. As trends come and go, people are likely to desire removal of the gauges. After the gauge is removed, the hole will shrink little bit over several months. However, the earlobe will not completely revert to its pre stretched state, and will be permanently deformed. People are quite surprised that removal of gauge earrings, does not always allow the hole to close like a standard ear piercing. In some cases the earlobe deformity can be quite severe. The ear reconstruction for closure can be quite complex.


Earlobe surgery is a very artistic surgery. Earlobe repair, for both torn earlobes and gauged earlobes, can be performed as an outpatient surgery under local anesthesia. The cost of the surgery will be dependent on the extent of the deformity. Risks of surgery include bleeding, infection, delayed wound healing, irregularity along the border of the ear, and need for additional revisions. The healing time takes a few weeks. You will not be able to re pierce your ears for about 3 months.

If you have an earlobe deformity, earlobe tear, or gauged earlobes, and need them repaired, call our Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Center today.

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