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Enlarged earlobes can be constant source for embarrassment for some individuals. The ears are quite visible in women and men with shorter hair. Women with longer hair avoid wearing their hair up or in a ponytail because they feel self-conscious about their ears. These patients often request ear reduction to improve their overall self-confidence.


It is possible that your ears have always been enlarged (congenital), they grew with age, or it could be because they became long and stretched due to heavy earrings. The practice of using ear gauges permanently stretches and distorts the ear lobe. Ear reduction surgery is indicated for all of these reasons; however the specific surgical technique to correct the deformity might be slightly different.


Earlobe surgery is a very artistic surgery. The specific surgical technique to perform earlobe reduction will be selected on an individual basis. Surgery can be performed under local anesthesia in our Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Center with minimal down time. Some sutures will be placed on the inside, but most of the stitches are on the outside, and these will have to be removed on one of your follow-up visits. Risks of surgery include bleeding, infection, delayed wound healing, irregularity along the border of the ear, and need for additional revisions. If you have a history of forming keloids, you are not a good candidate for earlobe reduction surgery. The healing time takes a few weeks. You will not be able to re pierce your ears for about three months after the procedure. The scars on the ear tend to stay red and raised for about three to six months, but with time will fade and flatten, and they will become less noticeable. Overall, earlobe reduction surgery is well tolerated in Los Angeles.

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