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Dennis Dass, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Dennis Dass top 10 Plastic Surgeons Los Angeles

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Dass specializes in breast augmentation to create natural and beautiful appearing results with a fast recovery. We offer a wide array of implant styles including silicone gummy bear implants.

Butt Lift

Known globally for his expertise in this area, Dr. Dass' Brazilian Butt Lift procedures incorporate total body sculpting with liposuction of the midsection and fat transfer to the buttocks. This provides a smaller waist and naturally augmented butt, with beautiful proportions.


Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure to contour the body and create a slimmer look. This procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia. Smartlipo is liposuction with the added benefit of laser skin tightening, which is performed under local anesthesia with quick recovery.


The tummy tuck procedure contours the abdomen for mothers and women who have lost a lot of weight. Removal of loose abdominal skin and abdominal muscle tightening to create a flat abdomen. Mini tummy tucks can be performed if you need a quick recovery.


Dr. Dass will develop a customized plan to address signs of facial aging and to create a balanced natural look. Early treatment may involve minor or minimally invasive procedures focused to treat specific concerns.


Upper and lower eyelids are an early indicator of facial aging. Blepharoplasty is a procedure to address excess skin on the upper eyelids and lower eyelid circles or eyelid bags/puffiness. This minor procedure can make a significant difference and provide a more rested look.

Laser Tattoo

PicoSure is the latest and most effective technology for fast laser tattoo removal, reduces the number of treatment sessions by a half, and is effective for all tattoo colors, even the stubborn green/blue/red inks.


PicoSure laser is effective at increasing skin elasticity and collagen, improving skin texture, reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and lightening brown spots on the skin. PicoSure is safe for all skin types and skin tones, and there is no downtime. Fractionated CO2 laser treatments are also available for more aggressive skin rejuvenation.

Our Goal

Beauty, self-confidence and happiness. Dr. Dass and his staff are dedicated to helping people achieve a more youthful and beautiful appearance. Everyone in the office strives to make sure that each visit is pleasant from beginning to end. Call today to setup a personalized consultation to discuss your cosmetic desires.


Our newly expanded facility contains two full state-of-the-art operating rooms and private, comfortable recovery lounge space on-site. We are also conveniently located in Beverly Hills. All consultations, surgeries, and post-op visits performed in the same place.


Our meticulously clean, state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center is fully accredited. We meet and exceed the highest standards for safety and sterility to ensure every patient's safety, privacy and protection.


All visits (surgical, procedural or otherwise) take place at our Beverly Hills office and surgery center. There is no additional hospital paperwork to be filled out and no crowded waiting rooms. Every visitor's confidentiality is fully secure and protected.

Dr. Dass on Fox Morning News

Beverly Hills Mommy Makeover | Breast implants and Butt Lift California

Claire Meredith thank you. Well it's a new trend among busy moms it's called mommy makeover women are getting a little nip/tuck after giving birth a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is going to break it all down for us all the procedures out there we want to welcome to Fox 11 News Doctor Dennis Dass. Thanks so much for coming all the way here from Beverly Hills great to be with you

Hai Sherin, thanks for having me here

Yeah so tell me a bit more about your practice. You're you practice out of Beverly Hills?

Yeah I'm in private practice in Beverly Hills


I've been practicing plastic surgery for over 10 years and I’ve just had a solo practice for the last four

Okay wonderful and you know tell us about this new trend for busy moms that are doing what you're calling mommy makeovers

Yeah so traditionally after pregnancy moms have changes in their breasts and their tummy and they'd like to get back to their pre-pregnancy stage.


So, oftentimes the one breast implant may be a breast lift and then a tummy tuck to give them a flat tummy again

And how popular are these procedures I mean are we talking about this is kind of taking over the waves here in plastic surgery

It's it's been extremely common


Yeah and in fact a lot of times these women are not only addressing their breasts and tummy now they also want to address their buttock through the the Brazilian butt lift

Okay we're going to get to that in a minute, but let's start with the breast augmentation you know what are you exactly doing these days?

Yeah so I think the hottest trend right now in breast augmentation is the gummy bear breast implant

Okay and

We have some before and after pictures by the way that you


Oh we don't we this is actually this is so what exactly is this why are you calling this the gummy bear augmentation?

These are a highly cohesive silicone breast implants. The safety profile is a lot better because as you can see you can cut them in half and the silicone just does not leak from the implants. So, they really are interested in these for a higher safety profile

And this is this what you have right here

Yep that's exactly what we got right here

Can I feel it that's


Interesting okay so is this different from this one

There these are both the gummy bear implants this one is a textured one

Yeah it feels so interesting

And then this is another gummy bear implant this is an anatomic teardrop shape for for women who want a more natural appearance for their breast augmentation

Okay very good and then how about tummy tucks. What are you doing these days for that?

So, with the tummy tuck is great because it removes all the extra skin or the sagging skin stretch marks also tightens the abdominal muscles and then in addition we usually do some liposuction to really contour the waist.

So, who would be the best candidates for these tummy tuck procedures as we're looking at some of your before and after photos

For tummy tuck again it's mostly women who have a lot of loose hanging skin stretch marks obviously we want women that are healthy and it's typically moms who are working moms


We want to be able to get back to work and still look great in their clothes ‘

Is it a complicated procedure

It's it's a very simple procedure and perform it on a daily basis

Okay good and then what are you talking about here when we talk about we're not about implants we're talking about Brazilian butt lifts please tell us about that because we have to admit there is this trend of people wanting to have that bigger backside it seems

Yeah it's Brazilian Butt Lift has become very popular these days


With the media really focusing on certain stars and you know a lot of women just have trouble

Ah there you go

With their waist and their buttock and they want their proportions back because they feel like they've got fat in all the wrong places and they just want to look good and close and with the media popularizing


They've been doing research to figure out how to fix this and what I do is liposuction of the abdomen and waist, took and then really contour the waist. Give them a really tiny waist and then I take that fat and I transfer it to the buttock to sculpt it give it make it a little bit fuller and improve the waist hip ratio

Do you get a lot of people coming in saying I want Jennifer Lopez's rear side or Kim Kardashian?

I get a lot of everything but you know, fortunately a lot of women are pretty realistic and they want something that looks natural just so they can look better proportioned, to look better in their clothes

What do you think is a trend right now in these days with plastic surgery? Anything that we can kind of know the direction that it's kind of going in?

I think a lot of women want a more natural appearance


So, the gummy bear implants with the teardrop shape they can get a much more natural appearance, with the buttock lifts again they want just more fullness more feminine in nature


And something natural

The the Brazilian butt lifts with the recovery time for that is it is it long

Yeah so most women can go back to work in about a week or two. The toughest part of the recovery is you can't put pressure on your buttock for six weeks. So, they're not sitting at work so you have to alter how they probably there are work stations so they can stand at work

Okay interesting mommy makeovers you know fun things for moms of course that are busy on the go wanting a little bit of a change in their life. thank you so much Doctor Dennis Dass who's joining us from Beverly Hills thanks so much for being here this morning.

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