Treatments offered by the practice of Dr. Dennis Dass, MD

Treatments offered by the practice of Dr. Dennis Dass, MD

Many of us have something about our bodies that we aren’t very happy
about. Perhaps we have unwanted fat around our abdomens, or feel as
though our face always looks tired and droopy. Maybe we want firmer
buttocks, larger breasts, or just better body contours. Whatever your
concerns may be, Dr. Dennis Dass of the Beverly Hills area is the
cosmetic plastic surgeon who can help! He has provided thousands of
patients with plastic surgery solutions to allow them to improve their
breasts, body, face, and thereby improve self-confidence.

His state-of-the-art practice provides a wide selection of
services to patients in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles areas. He
works with patients to determine the treatments that will benefit them
the most.

Below are the areas of the body that can be addressed with cosmetic plastic surgery with Dr. Dennis Dass.


Dr. Dass can help both men and women with treatments for the
chest area. Women can undergo breast augmentation, reduction, or lift,
and they can be provided with assistance from previous treatments. Men
can seek male breast reduction through our practice as well.

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When patients are of a healthy weight and size, and are of
overall good medical health, they may be great candidates for plastic
surgeries of the body. Whether patients are seeking a Brazilian butt
lift, a tummy tuck, liposuction, or an arm lift, Dr. Dass can make
improvements to the size and contour of the body in trouble areas.


There are many plastic surgeries done in the practice of Dr.
Dass that can benefit patients who want to improve areas of the face.
Lines and wrinkles can be reduced with a face-lift, and rhinoplasty can
help reshape and realign the nose. Eyelid surgery can make patients look
more rested and youthful, while chin implants can improve the lower
contours of the face. Ear pinning, neck lifts, and liposuction of the
chin area are also available for new and existing patients.

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