Beverly Hills surgeon explains what breast reconstruction is, types of surgery, and what to expect

What is Breast Reconstruction and What to Expect in Beverly Hills, CA area Women who have breast cancer may choose to have breast reconstruction as part of their treatment plan This surgical procedure rebuilds and reshapes the breast There are different types of breast reconstruction and different options Breast reconstruction is an individualized procedure based on each patient’s needs, type of cancer, therapies, and body type Located in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr Dennis Dass explains what breast reconstruction is and what to expect from the procedure Why choose breast reconstruction? Choosing to undergo breast reconstruction is a personal decision, one that may not be right for every woman Speaking with a plastic surgeon ahead of time helps clear up Continue reading

Where can patients in the Beverly Hills area receive breast reconstruction after mastectomy?

Breast Reconstruction in Beverly Hills Dr Dennis Dass sees many women in his practice who are interested in improving their body contours, specifically in the area of the breasts Some patients want to reduce the size of their breasts, while others are interested in increasing the size However, other patients are visiting him to discuss the possibility of breast reconstruction Breast reconstruction is a procedure that is often done following a mastectomy This is the removal of breast tissue due to cancer Many women may feel self-conscious about their appearance after the removal of their breasts Continue reading