What are my breast augmentation options at Dennis Dass, MD?

Breast enhancement with breast implants is a popular cosmetic treatment available with Dr. Dennis Dass of Beverly Hills, California. With the placement of breast implants, women can enlarge their breasts or restore volume after loss through weight loss or pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are many factors to discuss when a woman visits our office with an interest in breast augmentation, so it is critical to have an open and frank discussion about their needs with a plastic surgeon to consider all of these options. This includes the type of breast implant, the size of the implant, the placement of the implant, and the incision type and location. A consultation visit at our office is the first step in learning more about the process of enhancing the breasts with implants and having a conversation about the specifics of your procedure to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the upcoming procedure.

Breast Enhancement in Beverly Hills Area

What are my options for breast enhancement?

If you are considering breast augmentation, you know you have a lot of factors that will allow you to achieve the desired results. When you speak with Dr. Dass about breast enhancement, he will discuss with you the following:

  • Type of breast implant. There are two types of implants, including saline and silicone. The saline implants are breast implants filled with salt water, while silicone breast implants are made with silicone gel filling. Both types of breast implants come in various sizes and shapes to offer you the most natural look possible.
  • Size of breast implant. You will need to decide how much larger you want your breasts to be. Dr. Dass can help you choose an implant size that fits your body type and desired look to ensure a more natural appearance when completed. Patients should avoid getting extremely large implants that do not contribute to the balance and harmony of the patient’s body frame.
  • Placement of the implant. Your options for placement include sub-glandular (over the muscle), submuscular (underneath the pectoralis major muscle), or dual plane (partially over and partially under the muscle). The placement of your breast implant will depend on factors such as body type, skin elasticity, and personal preference.
  • Incision location. During breast augmentation surgery, incisions are made to place the implants. Incision locations include inframammary (crease beneath the breast), periareolar (around the areola, also referred to as a lollipop incision), or transaxillary (in the armpit). All of these incision and placement options are used at our office. Depending on your goals and body type, a specific type of incision may be best for your needs and can be discussed as an option.

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