What makes Liposculpture different from Liposuction?

Liposculpture different from Liposuction

Most people are familiar with the term
liposuction,” a surgical procedure in which a plastic surgeon removes
unwanted deposits of body fat. Liposculpture is exactly the same as
liposuction, but some people associate liposculpture with more of a
high-definition technique of liposuction. Dr. Dass always uses
liposculpture techniques during liposuction to carefully sculpt the body
and create highly defined results.

Liposculpture is best suited for people that are already
very fit, but want improved definition and contours. Fat is selectively
removed from certain areas while maintaining some fat in other areas.
This artistic technique creates contours and shadows that give the
illusion of a much defined body. Liposculpture can be used to enhance
the contours on nearly any part of the body, but is typically used on
the abdomen, back, thighs, and arms. Dr. Dass will use his artistic
skills to produce beautiful results.

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The first step in liposuction, involves infusing
tumescent solution into the area of treatment. Tumescent solution is a
combination of saline, epinephrine (to reduce bleeding and bruising),
and lidocaine (a local anesthetic for pain control). Then, he will
gently suction out the ideal amount of fatty tissue, based on the
previously mapped-out plan. He will continually assess body contour in
target areas, during the procedure, for optimal results.

Recovery from liposuction is generally very quick. You
should, however, expect some soreness following the procedure. Dr. Dass
will talk with you about the best way to manage that discomfort for a
few days while you heal. You will wear compression garments for several
weeks to reduce swelling and help your skin contract to your body’s new

As your ideal sculpted body begins to come into full
view, you’ll understand the importance of trusting the right
professional for your liposuction or liposculpture in Los Angeles – Dr.
Dennis Dass.

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