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Secret RF, RF Microneedling

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While most people want an attractive, youthful complexion, many need a discreet option without surgical downtime. Beverly Hills, CA plastic surgeon, Dr. Dennis Dass, recommends Secret™ RF for skin rejuvenation.

RF Microneedling Treatment

Microneedling uses hair fine needles to penetrate skin at a controlled depth, creating a multitude of microcolumns. This stimulates collagen production to thicken, tighten, and brighten skin. Secret RF takes the concept a step further with two beautiful distinctions. This system introduces radiofrequency energy at the tip of each needle, further activating the body’s natural healing processes. It delivers this energy at varying levels within skin, triggering deeper collagen remodeling.

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Common questions about Secret™ RF in Beverly Hills, CA

Because Secret RF is non-surgical and does not involve injected medications, most women and men who want to reverse visible signs of aging and complexion flaws can be good candidates. Secret RF is ideal for:

  • Overall facial rejuvenation
  • Fine line and wrinkle treatment
  • Skin tightening
  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Neck treatment

Numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure, and most patients report only a sensation of warmth and a bit of pressure. This safe and effective procedure takes only about 20 minutes.

There is essentially no downtime with Secret RF. A soothing ointment is applied after your treatment. Some patients have slight redness or swelling, but it typically resolves quickly. You may return to normal activities right away, and wear makeup in a few hours.

At Dennis Dass, M.D., each patient receives a personalized treatment plan for cosmetic procedures. He often recommends a series of three to four Secret RF sessions spaced about a month apart for optimal skin revitalization. You can expect to see change after the second session, with continued improvement for several months following treatment.

Because the change from Secret RF comes from within, results are long-lasting. With a single re-treatment every year to 18 months, you can maintain a smoother, glowing complexion long-term.

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About Dr. Dennis Dass

About Dennis Dass, MD, PharmD

Dennis Dass, MD is a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, focusing on boosting the confidence of his Los Angeles, California patients with natural and beautiful results. He provides a range of surgical procedures for the body, laser skincare, and non-surgical procedures. As a Board-certified plastic surgeon, he performs hundreds of cosmetic procedures every year.

Dr. Dass earned his Medical Doctor degree from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in Albuquerque, NM and his Doctor of Pharmacy qualification from the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy. He underwent a six-year Integrated Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency at the University of Kansas. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, California Medical Association, and Los Angeles County Medical Society.

Dr. Dass has received numerous accolades including Top Plastic Surgeon designation from many reputed organizations. Connect with Dr. Dennis Dass on Linkedin.

Mini Neck Lift and Prejuvenation Shown By Dr. Dennis Dass on TV

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass makes a guest appearance on Fox Morning News⁣ to share the latest trends in “prejuvenation” to slow down or stop wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. Dr. Dass also describes the benefits of the Mini Neck Lift, a minimally invasive procedure to define the jawline, tighten skin and eliminate a double chin. The mini-neck lift is effective even for younger patients who may have a small amount of excess fat. Recontouring the neck can create a dramatically improved appearance with minimal downtime. Call today to schedule a consultation: (855) 496-4646.

Welcome back to Fox 11, pre-juvenation, it is a new anti ageing treatment to remain youthful-looking and joining us to talk about that is board-certified plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills Doctor Dennis Dass specializing in some of the latest techniques here good morning Doctor Dass thanks for coming in join us here on FOX 

Good Morning, thanks for inviting me

Right we enjoyed having you last time talking about ways that we could keep ourselves looking young and now there’s a new way it’s called pre-rejuvenation. What is this?

Yeah pre-juvenation is the newest trend and it’s a proactive strategy to help one look good maintain the way they look and also prevent or slow down the aging process and we can do this a number of ways with fillers minimally invasive procedures and some non-surgical treatments with new technology that really improve one’s look and slows down the appearance of wrinkles, so that we don’t see them when we’re taking a selfie

 Sure that’s that’s huge it’s all about the gram right. All right what about minimally invasive treatments you mentioned that is a lot of people are concerned maybe going under the knife isn’t for them this is an option 

Absolutely so the minimally invasive procedure I’ve performed it addresses the neck because that’s where we see early signs of aging so if we get just a small collection of excess fat in the neck or a double chin if you will. A lot of that is genetic. It appears even in your 20s and then it just gets worse over time. So, with the minimally invasive procedure that I’ve developed I can use a small fiber optic laser through a small opening that’s almost imperceptible and using that laser on the underside of the skin, I can tighten the skin boost collagen and also remove melted fat, so that the appearance looks better. You know even removing just a small amount of fat from the from the chin creates a beautiful more youthful appearance and it’s also going to slow down the aging process in that area.

 It’s pretty amazing stuff 

Now we’ve showed a couple of videos we saw the before and afters let’s play the next one you can explain kind of what is what we’re seeing here as we roll this, I think it’s called a secret facial right is that what you’re talking about 

So, right here is is still that minimally invasive procedure the mini neck lift but with one of the newer technologies its RF micro needling. Now micro needling became really popular last year and now the all the rage is radiofrequency assisted micro needling. Here it is here. It’s basically micro needling on steroids so we with this technology I can deliver radiofrequency to the deeper layers of the skin to really boost collagen smooth out wrinkles and tighten the skin improve texture and again this is going to slow down the aging process 

And give us a we have just admitted here to wrap things up give us a final example of things you can do every day in your life to try to keep that that young look and fight aging. So, I want to be like Tom Brady we want to stay young 

So, in addition to these procedures that we’re talking aboutm, I think that one could stay out of the Sun that’s number one of course, don’t smoke and moisturize your skin 

Three easy things that we can all do to try to keep that youthful look

Every day 

And we’re can people get more information about you and where you located?

So, my office is located in Beverly Hills I have people flying in from all over the country for these treatments but they can reach me at my website at 

Doctor Dennis Dass thank you so much really appreciate it predation we all learned a little something today.

Secret™ RF Face Treatment (The Future of Microneedling)

Secret™ RF Face Treatment procedure

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