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Dr Dass describes about Breast Implants

What is Strattice?

Strattice is classified as an acellular dermal matrix (ADM). This specific product is a porcine dermis (pig derived skin) that has been treated to remove all of the cellular components. Strattice is placed within the implant pocket and it acts as a piece of collagen for your tissue to grow into. These types of products are commonly used in breast reconstruction surgery. It is used in cosmetic breast revisionary surgery to improve less than desirable results.

Who needs Strattice?

Women that have had a breast augmentation, but are having problems with implant position, asymmetry, symmastia (lifting of the cleavage creating a uni-boob), ability to feel the implant, and rippling. The product is usually reserved for women that have failed a previous revisionary surgery and desire a more reliable surgical plan. Breast lift patients can be troubled by recurrent droopiness because their skin and tissue has already lost its elasticity. A breast lift will improve the appearance of the breasts, but will not improve the elasticity. Adding an implant to improve the deflated look, improves the overall appearance, however adds extra weight to the already inelastic tissue. Internal sutures can be used to tighten the tissue, but eventually the tissue will stretch again. Strattice may help minimize that stretching.

Internal support:

Strattice is used to create added support for an implant. The Strattice is secured to the chest wall to create an internal brassiere for the implant to rest on. Porcine dermis is much less stretchy compared to your skin and breast tissue, so it is ideal for this application. You are no longer dependent on the surrounding breast tissue, which has already proved to be unreliable. In women with very thin breast tissue and visible implant rippling, Strattice can be placed between the implant and the skin to thicken the tissue and hide the implant rippling. Newer data suggests that ADMs, like Strattice, might also reduce the chance of capsular contracture formation.

Call for a consultation today. Dr. Dass is experienced at using Strattice and other ADMs for breast revision surgery.

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