How is a Lip Lift different from a Lip Augmentation?

Lip lift different from a lip augmentation

As we age, the upper lip sags and becomes
longer in the vertical dimension. Normally, a little bit of teeth can be
seen at rest and a lot of the upper teeth are visible when smiling.
With a droopy upper lip, the teeth are not at all visible at rest and
barely seen with smiling. This makes people look much older. A lip lift
can dramatically improve the way your mouth and smile appear.

Lip lift is a highly specialized procedure that very few
surgeons offer in Los Angeles. There are several different types of lip

  • Gull wing
  • Sub-nasal
  • Thread

During your preoperative examination, your plastic surgeon
will determine the technique that is appropriate to meet your cosmetic
goals. In a sub-nasal lip lift, a small strip of skin is removed just
below the nose to reduce the upper lip length and create a lift. The
scar is well hidden because it falls under the natural shadow below the
nose. After surgery, the vermillion or red part of the lips will curl
outward, and be more visible and more attractive. It will create the
illusion of a mild lip augmentation for Los Angeles area patients. The
surgery can also improve lip asymmetry.

Lip augmentation
surgery is different because it involves adding volume to the lips. Lip
augmentation options are performed non-surgically with injections of
Juvederm or fat injections. When fat is used, it can be placed in the
vermillion as well as the upper lip. Lip augmentation is typically a
great procedure for younger patients that want fuller, more attractive
lips. Patients over the age of 50 will benefit from a lip augmentation
to improve the fullness, but may also require a lip lift to correct the
long upper lip and lip position.

A lip lift is performed as an outpatient surgery in our Los
Angeles plastic surgery center. Most of the swelling and bruising
resolves within two weeks. Overall, the operation is tolerated well by
many patients.

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