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Male Breast Reduction in Beverly Hills CA area

Male breast reduction is commonly performed for patients with gynecomastia, a condition involving enlarged or overdeveloped breasts. Gynecomastia occurs in over 17 million men in the United States. Located in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Dennis Dass offers male breast reduction procedures to help men achieve flatter, more masculine chests.


Reasons for male breast reduction

Man boobs or gynecomastia is a condition in men that involves enlarged breasts. Men can experience this at any age. The condition may be the result of hormonal changes, genetics, obesity, or the use of certain drugs. Men who have overdeveloped breasts may have lower self-confidence and emotional pain. Some even withdraw from activities to avoid being seen without a shirt. Gynecomastia may be present in one breast or both. Although each patient is different, patients with gynecomastia may have excess localized fat, extra glandular tissue, and too much breast skin.


Diet and exercise are not always enough to reduce the size of male breasts. Weight loss may reduce the size some but often times there is extra glandular tissue as well. In these instances, even lean men may experience enlarged breasts. Losing weight will not address the extra tissue or skin. Candidates for male breast reduction procedures include:

  • Men who do not have life-threatening medical conditions
  • Non-smokers and non-drug users
  • Patients who are physically healthy and are at a generally normal weight
  • Men who have positive, yet realistic expectations for the procedure
  • Individuals who are self-conscious of the size of their breasts


The results of breast reduction surgery are longer lasting for adult men whose breast development has stabilized. While adolescents may benefit from the procedure, they may not be finished growing and developing. They may need additional procedures in the future if their breasts continue to overdevelop.


What to expect

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A consultation is required for surgical procedures. Dr. Dass reviews the patient’s medical history, current health and medications, and physical expectations for the surgery to determine the most appropriate treatment option. Diagnostic tests such as assessing endocrine function may be ordered to check for an underlying cause of gynecomastia.


Male breast reduction is as an outpatient procedure. Prior to surgery, patients may be asked to get bloodwork done, stop smoking, and to avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs. Since anesthesia is involved, patients will need someone to drive them to and from the procedure.


Surgical procedures may include liposuction, excision, or a combination of the two. Liposuction involves inserting a thin hollow tube called a cannula through small incisions to suck out excess fatty tissue. Patients who have excess glandular tissue or excess skin may require surgical excisions to remove the tissue. In some cases, the areola needs to be reduced or the nipple needs to be repositioned to produce a more natural masculine appearance. These cases require surgical excisions as well. Men with more prominent breasts may require a combination of techniques to achieve the desired result. Dr. Dass will determine the most appropriate treatment for each patient on an individual basis.


Following the procedure, dressings or bandages may be applied to the incisions. A support garment may be recommended to support the chest and to minimize swelling. A drain may be placed to collect excess blood or fluid. Patients are given specific instructions on how to care for the drain, bandages, and surgical site. Follow the surgeon’s directions for optimal healing and to reduce the chances of infection. Restrictions may be placed on exercise or physical contact to ensure the surgical site has time to heal without being subjected to excessive force.

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Although swelling is common following male breast reduction surgery, the results are immediately noticeable. Over time, the swelling will subside and scars from the incisions will fade. Self-confidence in the new body shape will grow as the body heals.


The results of male breast reduction surgery are often permanent. If the gynecomastia was originally caused by the use of certain drugs, the same medications will need to be avoided to maintain the newly contoured shape. Likewise, patients should maintain their weight to avoid gynecomastia from weight gain.


Gynecomastia surgery helps reduce the size of male breasts giving men flatter, more contoured chests. Contact Dr. Dennis Dass in Beverly Hills to learn more about male breast reduction. Call (855) 496-4646.


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