What Is The Difference Between Smooth And Textured Implants?

Dr. Dass describes breast implants

Breast augmentation (sometimes referred to as breast enhancement with breast implants) is one of the most common types of cosmetic surgical procedures performed today, and it is very popular in Los Angeles. We have ample experience in providing this service to women who would like to feel more confident in their appearances.

Most people know that breast implants come in different shapes and sizes. What you may not know is that implants may be either smooth or textured. Here we will discuss the differences, taking a close look at textured implants.

Smooth breast implants have a silicone shell with a smooth, polished-looking surface. Textured implants are made of the same material, but the surface is slightly irregular, like a soft version of sandpaper. The texture is formed right into the silicone shell; it is not an additional layer of material. Depending on the manufacturer, the texture may be fine or coarse, but never rough.

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The texture on breast implants promotes adherence to the breast pocket and will limit implant rotation within the breast pocket. This is very important when an anatomic (teardrop shaped implant) is selected for breast augmentation. There is some evidence that suggests that patients with textured implants are less likely to have a capsular contraction, although studies are not conclusive.

As with any procedure, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. The textured implants allow surgeons to select shaped implants when needed because it limits implant rotation. The drawback to textured breast implants is their propensity to cause wrinkling or rippling. All implants have some amount of wrinkling, simply from the weight of the implant, but it is usually not noticeable, although the wrinkling is lower with highly cohesive gel implants.

Considering breast augmentation is a big step; one that can change the way you feel about your body. Your surgeon will discuss whether textured breast implants are right for you, so you may feel confident in your choice. However, smooth round implants are most commonly used because the results are consistent.

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