Facelift surgeon in Los Angeles is a great resource for seniors who want to keep their edge

Facelift surgeon in Los Angeles is a great resource for seniors who want to keep their edge

The process of aging never stops. In fact,
there may come a time when the progression of lines, wrinkles, and
sagging skin seems to get exponentially worse as the days go by.
Research into cosmetic surgery finds that one of the largest patient
percentages of patients is from the senior population.

Baby boomers seeking the fountain of youth

The proverbial fountain of youth has long been something
humans have sought even though we know, logically, that is doesn’t
exist. From topical solutions to injectables to bio-identical hormones
to plastic surgery, men and women of all ages are finding that they have
gotten closer than ever to the rejuvenating powers they have longed
for. There are reasons that seniors, in particular, are seeking an
experienced facelift surgeon in Los Angeles:

  • There seems to be no set retirement age anymore.
    People are working longer and later into life, and seniors find the need
    to maintain a competitive edge in the workplace, which rejuvenating
    procedures can give them.
  • Living longer does not mean we want to live many
    years looking wrinkled and saggy. Seniors often seek plastic surgery to
    feel more satisfied with their appearance in general.
  • Due to healthier lifestyles today, seniors want to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside. Facelift, eyelid lift, brow lift, and more can restore the vibrant appearance of health.
  • Many seniors remain active on the dating scene and they want to present themselves in the best light.
  • The techniques employed by today’s experienced
    cosmetic surgeons are safer and lead to more natural looking results
    than ever before.

In addition to full facelift surgery, seniors also have
the option of improving specific areas. Some of the most popular
surgical treatments sought by seniors include necklift, chin and cheek augmentation,
and brow and eyelid lift. Additionally, seniors are also scheduling
body-improving surgeries such as an abdominoplasty, breast augmentation,
or liposuction.

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Is the senior patient at a higher risk with cosmetic surgery?

Several studies have been conducted on the risk of
surgery for the senior patient, and the data is promising. What puts any
patient at a higher surgical risk is not age, but health. Conditions
such as heart disease, diabetes, or clotting disorders are some that the
surgeon will assess during consultation for cosmetic enhancement.

A board-certified surgeon has solutions for your concerns

Dr. Dennis Dass has been an achiever since medical school, where he earned top honors. His passion and commitment for excellence is seen in the results he achieves and in the personal attention that he gives to each patient.

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