Beverly Hills area plastic surgeon reviews the reasons why patients may want a tummy tuck

Beverly Hills area plastic surgeon reviews the reasons why patients may want a tummy tuck

The tummy tuck is a popular procedure for patients who are unhappy with their body contours and want to address unwanted areas of fat. Many have attempted to reduce the fat in the area with diet and exercise. Others may have achieved significant weight loss and are dealing with sagging skin around the abdomen. When these situations arise, patients may feel self-conscious about the appearance of their body. For these reasons, Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon Dennis Dass, MD offers procedures such as the tummy tuck to patients in the Los Angeles area.

What to expect

Dennis Dass, MD speaks with many men and women who are interested in tummy tucks and other procedures to improve the midsection. He reviews with individuals the many options available to them and helps them choose the one most appropriate for their specific budget, desires, and the results they want to achieve. Using some of the latest technologies and techniques, he is able to reduce fat and excess skin around the midsection and give his patients a brand new look!

A tummy tuck is an outpatient procedure and patients are welcome to ask their doctor about what they can expect throughout the process. The initial evaluation allows patients to ask their plastic surgeon any questions they may have and discus the procedure and recovery. Patients should be educated on the procedure and healing as well as what they can expect for cost. Our practice is open and honest with patients to help them understand what to expect so there are no surprises throughout the process.

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Patients who live in or around Beverly Hills and are considering procedures such as the tummy tuck are welcome to contact Dennis Dass, MD. We can schedule a consultation visit and evaluation to determine if patients are appropriate candidates and discuss with them what to expect from start to finish. Call Dennis Dass, MD today to book your appointment.

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